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Monday, April 1, 2013

More ward missionaries

Que hubo familia!!

Another great week come and gone! We were pretty busy this week, we had a ton of baptism interviews to do, the zone is working soooo hard and we are seeing lot of sucess and miracles here in Reforma. Our new companion is named Elder Perez. He is from Guatemala and was there for 3 months working as a misionary waiting for his visa, and it got here two weeks before the change, so we are going to be with him for one more week. Hes really cool, hes kinda quiet (actually, pretty much all of the new misionaries are like that, haha) but when he does talk he always says somthing funny. He already loves the area and we all get along good, and he says that he is going to miss us and miss the area when he has to leave. His whole family are members, he was born in the covenant. Its hard to teach in a trio sometimes but we do practices in the morning and now we have a pretty good system down. He didnt have a very good trainer in Guatemala, his trainer wasnt very obedient and didnt ever study or pracitce wiht elder Perez, so we are trying to help him alot with what we can in this short time period. 

So big news!! We think that they are going to send sisters her in the ward. Not to replace us but to share the area. Its happening with all of the big wards right now and the asistents just told us that we have to look for a new house today for the missionaries who get here in a week. Right now there are about 210 people coming to church every week, and with more misionaries in the area the ward is going to grow even more! were really excited!

We had a couple of baptisms this week, it was fun for Elder Perez to get here and right off the bat have a couple of baptisms. On thursday we baptized Jorge. He is a young man who lives with his aunt and his cousins, (all are memebers) and has talked with the misionaries a ton, but has never wanted to join the church. When we went to teach him, for some reason he decided that it was time and decided to be baptized. It was great, in his baptism his family was all soooo happy that he had finally joined the chruch, and he got confirmed on sunday. Showed up with his white shirt and tie like he had been a member his whole life!

On sunday after church we had two more baptism, two siblings named Alan (14 yrs old) and Cassandra (17 yrs). They were references from an ex misionary in another stake, who is going to school with their mom. We absolutely LOVE them!! They are as fun as can be and everytime we go to see them they just have us laughing and laughing. Usually we have members in the ward baptized but they told us that they wanted us to baptized them. They are so fun and from the start have been so willing to make changes in their lives and join the church. Their mom was just happy as could be and we are going to work a little bit more with her this week so she can follow the example of her kids. She supports her kids getting baptized 100 percent just that we havent been able to teach her as much becasue she works alot!

We are loving life here, we just get back to the house as tired as can be every night but its a good feeling! Glad to here that everything at home is going good!! I love you guys and hope that you have a great week!

Mucho amor, 

Elder Eastmond

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