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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's hot in Veracruz

Hola Familia!! Como estan?

Its starting to heat up a whole lot here in Veracruz, too bad you guys are all suffering there in the cold, haha. This week we had a day that was crazy windy, somtimes we get these things called Nortes, (north winds) and they come in and it seems like a hurricane has hit. When it hit us we had planned everything in this colony where all the streets are made of dirt so at the end of the day we got back to the house with dirt and dust EVERYWHERE! in our ears and eyes and nose, haha I thought I was back in Cedar City for a second.

So this week was great, we were working with an investigador named Jesus, who Elder Mata had taught a couple of months ago but it still wasnt his moment and he was really busy with school and stuff. We talked to one of his friends named Abel who is a member of the church a couple weeks ago and he told us that he wasnt studying, and that he had been talking to him alto about the church. So we started teaching him and it has been amazing to watch the conversion process. Jesus is like 18 years old, he loves to play soccer and had gone to church quite a few times. He has had some real challanges with some of the commandments but his friend Abel has really helped him alot to be able to change and try to live a better life. So we invited him to be baptized and he said that he would like to but that he wasnt really sure because of the commandments that he would have to live. So we left him with a bunch of chapters in the Book of Mormon about repentance and when we saw him in church a week ago he talked to us and told us that he had read and that it had really struck deep what he had read.  He had also prayed and asked if he should get baptized and said that he felt an answer that he should. 

This week we finished teahcing him everything and he has really had a change of heart, he has completely left behind everything that he was doing before. He told us about some of the temptations that he had felt during the week and satan was really trying to make him fall before his baptism but he resisited everything and was reading the Book of mormon and praying all week long. His friend Abel baptized him on Saturday and he got confirmed on Sunday along with Rubi and Lizbeth, it was really really special to see the joy that he felt from being able to wash all of his sins away. It was also special for his friend Abel becuase he is going on a mission in a couple of months so it was cool for him to participate in everything. We hardly even did anything, haha. Abel and the Book of Mormon took care of it all.

On wednesday we have a zone conference with President TreviƱo, it should be good, we are all pretty excited. Hes a great teaching and we have heard that he is going to introduce some new things in the mision so we can be more succesful.

So I ate something during the week that didnt sit too well with me, I think they were some Barbacoa tacos that tasted amazing but my stomach didnt think too highly with them. We were in the house half of the day on Wednesday because my stomach was just tearing me apart, haha but I feel much better now. 

Well thats about all ive got folks, hope you are all doing well, I love you all mucho!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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