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Monday, April 1, 2013


Hola mi querida familia, como estan?

We had changes this week, its always fun and interesting to see where everybody goes. Elder Ortiz got called to be an assistent! Hes a great missionary and he will do a good job in the offices. Elder Perez is going to Tuxtepec with a diferent companion, and Im staying here. My new companion will be Elder Farnsworth, Im really excited because he was in my district in the MTC and we get along really good. Hes a hard worker and we are gonna have a fun time together. He will be only my 3rd american companion in all my mission, haha. Elder Ortiz left yesterday and so Elder Perez and I worked alone together yesterday, and I already felt kinda weird only being with one other missionary. Elder Perez will feel really weird because he has been in a threesome his entire misikon, even when he was in Guatemala. 

Another thing that will be affected by the transfers will be the area here in Magisterio. Two more missionaries are going to come to work here with us, we arent dividing the area or anything we are just going to share it, because there are alot of members and the ward is so big. We looked for a house for the misionaries this week and found a good place to live, we went in the morning today to clean it up a little. Im really excited becuase one of the missionaries coming to the ward is Elder Espinosa! He was my first companion in Cordoba so it will be fun to have him in the ward, he is going to train a new missionary. 

Alan and Cassandra got confirmed this week. Alan bought a tie and a white shirt to wear to church this past week and they were super excited to get confirmed. Their mom came to church again for their confirmation and says that she has been reading all of the pamphlets that we have left them. We are going to visit her today to invite her to be baptized. I think that she wants to, but she is living with her boyfriend and they arent married, so we will have to find a solucion to that. we are hoping to have a wedding this week, haha we will se what happens. 

We have been looking for new ways to get references from the members. (you have to get pretty creative sometimes) but we have been visiting them and singing himns, and while we sing we ask them to write down names on a piece of paper. It has worked pretty good, but then again, with my voice that sounds like josh groban we can get anyone to give us references...haha mom quit laughing. We would really appreciate some special prayers this week that we can find people who are looking and searching for the gospel. We are working hard to find new investigators and will apreciate all of your prayers!! Thanks!

This saturday was fun because the stake did an activity with the youth where a lot of the youth went to other wards to work with the missionaries. So I left to work with two young men and two others went with Elder Ortiz and Elder Perez. We visited a ton of people and it was really fun, the youth were just about dead when we got done with them haha I know that when we get set apart as misionaries, the spirit gives us alot of extra strength and energy to be able to work really hard without getting too tired. There are actually alot of promises in Doctirne and covenants that talks about that, Im really grateful for that. 

I loved all of the pictures from the easter egg hunt. The basement looks amazing!! John and devin look pretty good too, haha!

I hope you all enjoyed easter. Im grateful for all that Christ did for us, its something that we will never be able to understand fully in this life but I feel that little by little I understand a little bit more every day about my savior and I know that i will never be the same person because of what im experiencing and doing here in my mission.

I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week! The pictures are from an acitivity that we did with the ward on friday, we had a family home evening organized by the new converts, it was great!! 

Mucho amor, 

Elder Eastmond

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