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Monday, April 15, 2013

Milagros (Miracles)

Hola Familia!

We had a fantastic week! Thank you all so much for your prayers because we found more new investigators that we have found in a long time!

We had the special oportunity to baptize two girls in the primary this sunday! Lizbeth and Rubi, they both have a grandparent who is a member and the moment came for them to join the church as well. We had sooooo much help from the Lord in the teaching process with them. They both had some doubts and worries that they were shy to tell us about and it was only after lots of prayers and some creative lesson plans that we could know their doubts. Lizbeth lives with her grandmother and she was reluctent to accept baptism and we couldnt figure out why, because she absolutely loves church and primary. We finally found out that she was scared that there was going to be lots of people in the baptism service and she would get scared, haha shes really shy. But we told her that we wouldnt invite that many people and she got super excited and accepted baptism.

The other girl, Rubi, lives with her family and her grandmother gave us the reference. We went to teach her and her family, (they are all there in the picture, none of them are members...yet ;) and they really accepted us. They are soooo friendly and always treat us so well when we get there, in fact we are going to eat with them on thursday. They are all a little bit more hesitant to join the church than Rubi but they are reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know that its true, and they all came to the baptism. So we taught Rubi this week and she was all excited about her baptism until saturday, she got kinda nervous and said that she didnt want to be baptized yet, that she wanted more time. So we talked a little bit with her and invited her to come to church with us and listen to the spirit in the church to decide if she should get baptized or not this sunday. So she came and told us afterwards that she wanted a little bit more time. So we told her that was fine and that we would pass by during the week with her to teach her more.

So after church we were filling up the font and getting all the numbers from the district leaders, we finished up and headed out to pass by for Lizbeth and her grandmother. As we were leaving, Rubi and all of her family showed up... We thought they had just come to watch Lizbeth´s baptism. At the same time, Elder Espinosa and Elder Gomez showed up (because Elder Gomez was going to baptize,) and so We did divisiones and I stayed with Elder Gomez in the chapel. As we got talking to Rubi and her family, we realized that they were there for RUBI´S baptism, not only to watch Lizbeth, haha. She had decided after church that she wanted to get baptized so we filled out her member form quickly and when Elder Espinosa got back we did her interview, and they both ended up getting baptized! It was amazing! they are both really excited and we are excited for them both. Rubi is going to be a huge example to her family and we are excited to see how they all progress!

To answer some of Dads quiestions:

1) Describe the investigator that you find yourself praying for the most –what are the struggling with and what are you trying to teach them to help them?

We have an investigator named Jesús who has lived a pretty rough life. He feels really guilty for alot of the stuff that he has done so we left him with chapter 40 in Alma, that talks about when Alma repented of his sins and felt joy through the atonement of Jesus Christ. He went to church and talked to us and said that he had read the chapter and prayed, and that he wanted to join the church! I love love love the Book of Mormon. Its the best teacher.

2) What did you teach to the missionaries the last time you had a zone training?

I talked about how we can reach our potencial as missionaries, how we are children of God and God is perfect, so we have a ton of potencial. We invited all of the missionaries to work hard to constantly improve instead of being content with where they are at.

3) How often do you have Zone conferences where Pres Trevino teaches and what it one of the most important things you have learned from him?

We have a zone conference like every couple of months, we love listening to him, he is amazing. I have learned alot about obedience, how it is the base to be able to be a successful misionary. He has taught us that we should be obedient because we love the Lord and want to keep the commandments and the mission rules, instead of being obedient because someone tells us to, and that has been something that has really changed my mission.
Well, my times up, but I hope you are all doing good, thank you for the prayers and emails, I love you all sooooo much!!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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