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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Obra misional

Hola familia!

We had a great week!! We enjoyed so much the General Conference that we had, it was all about missionary work and it was really fun to be able to hear all of the talks as a missionary. We only saw the first half of the first and second session on saturday because they were having internet problems, we watched the priesthood session in English, (its sooo much better to hear their actual voices, haha) and we got to see all of the talks on sunday in spanish. We had a good amount of investigators come to watch, and almost all of the recent converts went to watch, that was something really special to see. Sunday was fun becuase we got there and we were sitting in a row with five seats. We sat down and then a couple of minutes later cassandra got there and sat down by us and then alejandro and then later Maria de los angeles, so we were there with a whole row of converts and it was special to see them all be able to listen to the prophet and the apostles. 

In between sessions on saturday, we went and ate pizza, a sister gave us money, and on sunday we went to a sisters house and ate chicken. It was a fun weekend. I absolutely love Elder Nelsons talk about catching the wave, and Elder holland and President Monson in priesthood session was good too. Heck, they were all good, its really hard to pick just one. We missed the announcements saturday morning but Dad told me that they are going to build a temple in Cedar City???? is it true?? That is going to be sooo cool!! We will definietly have to go and visit!

We have been able to find some good investigators this week, thank you all for your prayers on their behalf. We are teaching a little girl named Lizbeth who lives with her grandmother who is a member inactive, they came to BOTH sessions of Conference on sunday and are really excited. They are really special and Lizbeth likes to sing himns alot so we always sing a couple when we go to teach her. We also contacted another girl named Rubi on sunday who has been to a couple of church acitivities and really likes the church. We couldnt pass by for her on Sunday becuase we got really busy with some other stuff so we called some converts to help us out and they passed by and brought Rubi, her aunt and two of her cousins! We gave them a little tour of the church afterwards and they really liked it, we are going to teach them during the week.

So we have been living in the house with Elder Espinosa and Elder Gomez, the two misionaries who are going to be here in the area. They have a house but they didnt have their beds and desks yet so they were with us this week. It was kinda crazy in the little house that we have but it was fun. There stuff got here and they are going to move into their house today. Elder Farnsworth is from Arizona, he has been a member his whole life. Hes really cool, we get along well and we have alot of great ideas to help the ward keep growing!!

I love you guys and its good to hear that you are all doing well!!! 

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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