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Monday, April 29, 2013

Diana and Abdiel

Hola familia! 

This was a great week! We had a zona conference with President Treviño and his wife which was excellente. We are really blessed to have such a great mission president. He inspires us and motivates us so much and is really aware of our needs as a mission. 

So guess what? I dont know if you guys realized it but we get to skype on Mothers day! I cant believe that its already time to talk to you guys again, it literally feels like just yesterday that I talked to you guys at Christmas when I was in Cordoba. Crazy how fast the time is going. So I dont know what time would be good for you guys, I imagine in the afternoon on sunday, but let me know, whatever time works for me! Just dont make fun of my accent this time, haha. 

We had an amazing experience yesterday, something happened that I really didnt think would happen in my time here. I bet you guys remember Abdiel? He is a convert from when I was with Elder Mata. Hes 13 and hes just tearing it up. He goes to activities, passes the sacrament every week, and is going to go to EFY. How sweet is that? Well his mom (her name is Diana) used to be a Jehova´s Witness, she grew up in that church but for various reasons stopped going and kinda left the church. We get along great now, but when I first met her we kinda choked a bit because Abdiel wanted to get baptized and she didnt want to give him permission quite yet. But ever since Abdiel got 
baptized she has gone to church with her husband EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. 

Like without fail. They already seem like they are members. But she is tough because she studied with the Jehovas witnesses and they are really into studying and knowledge and thinking every thing through really good. So she has been ready to get baptized since forever ago but every time we invite her she says that she needs more time.

    So we have been hearing some rumors from the members that she has really really been thinking about joining the church, so yesterday we went to visit them and they were there in their house with the relief society president. (they are really good friends with her and with lots of other members as well cuz they are in church every week) We got there and they were talking a little bit about how Diana wanted to get baptized but that she had a lot of doubts about some things in the church. She thought that Heavenly Father is Jehova and the relief socitety president was telling her that Jesus Christ is Jehova. So we shared a ton of scriptures with her about that and in the end she looked pretty convinced that Jesus Christ is Jehova, but had a lot of other doubts. So we were there like an hour just answering a bunch of her questions and explaining some things. At the end of everything she just started crying and told us about how every morning for the past 3 months she would wake up every morning and just be relieved that she was still alive, because she doesnt want to leave this live without being baptized but she has always wanted a lot of time to think about it. she told us that it has just been a constant wrestle within herself because she would decided that she was going to be a member and then change her mind and all that. She told us about the change that she has felt (and its a really incredible change that she has had) and how she feels like it is an answer from god that the gospel and the church are true. After she told us all of that. She told me that she was thinking about planning her baptism for the month of June, but then she told me that she knew there would be the posbibility of me leaving  in like two weeks and I have always told her that it would kill me if I cant be her to see her get baptized. So she said "well, lets plan the baptism for next week, shall we?" I couldnt even belive it, i was so happy!! It has been a long process for her but wow she is going to be an amazing member of the church! I will tell you guys more about it when we talk on mothers day, its a good story.

Well my times up but I love you guys and loved the pictures that mom sent me, there were pretty cool!! Be good and know that youre all in my prayers!!

Mucho amor, 

Elder Eastmond

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