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Monday, March 18, 2013

Pictures: March 18, 2013

How do you like my sores that showed up on my lip one morning. They got worse and worse for a couple of days and my lip was all swolen up so I went to the doctor and she gave me some stuff to put on it that numbs it and heals it. She said it was from my body trying to fight of some sort of bacteria or something...

We had a zone class and the sisters brought cake and apple cider.  
(Notice how Tyler's companion is scrunching down to be on the same level. Who thought he'd go to Mexico and still be the short one...I think he has the sisters beat though...)

This is a service project that we did as a zone this morning. A family in one of the wards here lost their house so we went to help them clear up some land so they can build one. We chopped a couple of tree down with axes and machetes, it was pretty fun.

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