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Monday, March 18, 2013

Lotsa great investigators!

Hola familia!

Well we just got some crazy news! Elder Fox (one of the asistents) just called me and told me that Elder Ortiz and I are going to train a new misionary from Peru for 2 weeks! Haha its going to be really weird, Im not sure why but I think that their are just so many weird situations with the new misionaries and everthing and their are lost just waiting for their visas that sometimes we have to be flexible with stuff like this. So it will be fun, kinda hard at the same time to be in a trio/train a new misionary/be a zone leader but I know that the Lord has his purposes and that we will learn something good from all of this and be able to welcome a new missionary to the mission field.

This sunday was AWESOME!!! We had 5 investigators in church, and Gizelle, Nayeli, Fernanda, and Ricardo all got confirmed in sacrament meeting. We brought some youth, 3 of them that have a baptism date for this week, and they are all sooo cool! Two of them are named Casandra and Alan, their mom was a referenece from an ex misionary in another ward. We went to talk to their mom and she said that she wanted us to teach her kids, so we did and they are great, they love to learn and they are excited to be baptized and to participate in all of the youth activities and everything. They absolutely loved church on sunday and their mom is interested too, she has just been really busy and hasnt been able to go to church yet but she says that she will be there this sunday. We are also teaching a young man named Jorge who lives with his aunt and his cousins (who are all members) The misionaries have been teaching him forever but his moment finally arrived and he wants to be baptized this week.

After church we had a baptism for a young man named Alejandro! His is waaay cool, a reference from the asistents, (they contacted him in their area and passed us his direction) He was into some bad stuff when he was younger but got out of it all like a year ago, hes 16. He has done alot of repenting and had a huge desire to be baptized, change his life, and enter into the church. He lives with his sister and his nephew, and they both came to church and went to his baptism and loved it! His little nephew is named Nelson and he was just so excited after going to primary, it was great, haha. We werent expecting them to come so it was cool when they showed up. We had taught them before but they never went to chruch, so we hope that they felt something special and they will start going alot.

Its good to hear that everything is going good at home! Glad to hear that john is tearing it up in work, that Parker is loving tennis, and that Dad is getting the hang of his new calling !! I love you all a ton!

Elder Eastmond

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