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Friday, January 6, 2012

Temple and Christlike Attributes

We got to go to the temple this morning, I was so glad! It was a great session.  We have worked very hard with the Spanish this week, we went over preterito, futuro, preterito irregular, commands, and a bunch of other usful stuff, It's fun to try and apply everything we learn when we get out of class, it makes me feel cool. I was asked to say the closing prayer in fast and testimony meeting last sunday, (in spanish por supuesto) I was a little nervous but everyone said I did a good job. The fast and testimony meeting was incredible, we had a new district come in only a couple days earlier and pretty much all of them got up to bear their testimonies, and they were so powerful. (We just did testimonies in english)

El Ano Nuevo was different this year, it didn't even really mean anything to me, haha. It's funny how things that used to be a big deal every year are not really that important compared to preaching the gospel.

 So in my personal study time I have been studying the different Christlike attributes in Preach My Gospel. I has been way cool to study, it has really hit me just how perfect and amazing Christ really was. As I have been going over each attribute individually, I have realized that just to have even one of those attributes down perfectly would be crazy hard but make you such an amazing person, and Christ had all of them down perfectly. (Hence why they are named "Christlike attributes...") Christ is so amazing and I have loved being able to grow closer to him during this time. I also read a scripture in Alma 7:11-13, it talks about how Christ suffered not only for our sins but for our trials, problems, and worries basically, so he could know exactly how to comfort us when we need it. It's one of my new favorite scriptures for sure!

I love you guys and will send a letter today!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Eastmond Jr.

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