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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feliz ano nuevo!

     How was New Years? It was very different this year, I almost forgot about it until everyone in our residency hall started cheering at 10:00... (12:00 in New York).
     The weather has been unreal! No snow this entire past year and it's Jan 5th? We studied outside for personal study today and it was perfect, we weren't even cold like after an hour! I'm lovin it! If I'm lucky I won't have to see snow before I leave for Mexico!
     So, another stupid thing happened to me last week. I took 10 white shirts to the laundry room, washed and dried them, when I came back to my room, I had 9. I have NOOOOO idea where the other one went. I know I took 10 shirts there, I went back and looked everywhere, I'm positive there was nothing left in the washer or dryer when I took the shirts out of each machine. Ha ha. NO idea where it went. It got quite funny after like an hour of tryin to figure it out.
     Mateo (our fake investigator) right now is reading the Book of Mormon but he doesn't feel different when he prays and he always has crazy questions. Yesterday he asked about 1 Nefi 14:9-10. He said, "If there are good people doing good things, but they aren't members of your church, 'van a infierno, si?'" We tried to explain as best we could that it's a parable of sorts comparing the true church to the "teachings of men" and that good people will have a chance to learn in spirit prison. Keep in mind, of course, this was all in Spanish. Un poco dificil, no? I know it's important to answer Mateo's questions, but we need to help him gain a spiritual witness for himself, or he won't ever know the Book of Mormon is true. We can't spend 30 minutes Bible bashing and answering every question-- there are better ways to help.
     On Tuesday I was waiting in the hall for Elder Wheeler to come out of the bathroom. When he did he walked by me and for some reason (I couldn't tell you why) I just busted up laughing and couldn't stop for the life of me. Elder Matheson came out into the hall and was like, "What is so funny?" I didn't know, so all 3 of us just started laugyhing at eachother's laughter and kept eachother going (You know how that works... like mom's crippled hand in Stake Conference or drawing a caveman with a bone...). So for the rest of language study, if I looked at Elder Wheeler or Matheson, we all started laughing hysterically for no reason at all. It was awesome... and weird. Moral of the story is I'm happy and loving life. I love Spanish and love the gospel. I'm growing closer to my Savior every day.
    Yesterday was "Hump Day." I have been in the MTC for 1 month and a day.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Eastmond

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