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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting closer

Hola Familia! The time is fast approaching to when I leave for Veracruz!! We are past the halfway point, which means we got new zone and districts leaders. So our new zone leader are Elder Christofferson (my friend from Lehi who was our old district leader) and Elder Gardner, they are companions. I was called to be the new district leader, I'm so glad we have a good district because some of the other districts here would be very difficult to try and keep under control, haha. There aren't too many more responsibities, I just get the mail now and go to a couple of meetings, so I act as a messenger from President Ricks to the district. Basically I just make sure everyones always on task, and most importantly, lead by example.

We went to the temple today, and did initiatories. It was a great experience because we got to eat omlets from the temple cafet- haha just kidding the food was good but that wasn't why it was a great experience. Most of my names were from Mexico, so it was really cool to be able pronounce them all correctly and what not. Elder Lee had a name that was like El sagrado de corazon de Jesus. (sacred heart of Jesus) Interesante. We got a kick out of that one.

Our lessons are getting alot better. We have really been working on using good questions to teach and get investigators thinking and figuring out things for themselves, and we have one baptism date set up and are going to challenge Manuel tonight. I can't remember if I told you guys but Mateo (Hermano Moen) went to Boliva to do some work for the church for two months, so we had to stop teaching him. Sad day. Hermana Ellsworth told me and mis companeros that she had never seen a trio split up the lesson so well and do it as smoothly as we do. It's also to the point where spanish isn't really too much of a barrier anymore when we teach. (occasionally we struggle to say exactly what we want but we can easily find a way to do it).

We FINALLY got the chance to dry clean our suits this week, they had been really backed up and we hadn't been able to dry clean them the whole time we were here. We have to wear our suits everyday because you have to have a suit coat for when you go outside, go to the cafeteria, and ALWAYS when you go to devotionals, so it is kinda redundent for us "one-suit" elders.

Guess who came and spoke to us for our Tuesday night devotional?? Oh nobody special, just RUSSELL M. NELSON!! It was such a surprise, no one even knew about it, it was so cool! He spoke on gathering the tribes of Israel, and just taught straight doctrine from the bible and the Book of Mormon. It made us realize how important this work we are doing is, because we are litterally fulfilling prophecy! Also, he had a lot of deeper meaning in his talk that we couldn't even comprehend, can't wait until i'm old and wise someday!

I'm sending a picture and some letters today, so I will tell you more about my week in those!! I love you all, thanks for the letters, emails, and prayers!!

Elder Eastmond Jr.

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