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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best week yet!

This has been the best week in the MTC yet!! I couldn't even tell you why off the top of my head, we have just worked really hard at spanish and teaching and we are all getting really excited to leave for Mexico!

I have gotten to be really close with my companions and my district this week. We had an AMAZING devotional review on Tuesday night. We always have one after devotionals on tuesdays, it is like a testimony meeting but not. we all share our impresssions and thoughts that we had during the devotional. it is my favorite part of the week, this past one was so spiritual, we all feel alot closer after devotional reviews!

Mom, the ties you sent My companions are awesome!! We were laughing soooo hard. Elder Wheeler opened his and was like, "NO MANERA!! Su mama es jefe!" (no way, your mom is boss) It was funny. Elder Lee was freaking out, "This is my favorite tie that you have, and now we can all be twinners!" So we are all pretty excited to wear them tonight when we teach our investigator! And thank you for the mutt's comics. My life feels complete again. I have been missing something and I haven't quite been able to put my finger on it...

 (Tyler hates the comic "Mutts" and we cut it out of the paper and sent him a whole month's worth).

BRAIDEN IS HERE!! Elder Shummway now, I guess, got here yesterday and I got to talk to him a couple times, it was great. He walked by our class and said hi to Jake but didn't see me sitting there, and I heard his voice and ran out into the hall and about tackled him. He was doing great, said it had been an interesting day, but he was happy. He looks way different with his hair cut short! He is on the fourth floor of our residence hall, I am on the first, so I went up and talked to him for a little bit last night. Matt Haskell left for mexico on monday, I wouldn't be surprised if he has a baptism and a sunburn.

We have just POUNDED out the spanish this week. We are going over subjunctive (no me gusta) and it's a little tricky, but we have been practicing hard and I'm starting to understand it a little better. It's just hard to know when you should use it and when you don't need to. I'm sure i'll figure it out when I'm in Mexico and I say it wrong and get laughed at...and I will forever say it the right way after that. We have also started playing this game we got from another district called the "Native Game." We take nine cards and write "native" on one of them, and then draw for who gets to be the native for the next day. The native has to try and speak spanish all day no matter what. At the end of the day, everyone tries to vote for who the native was. The catch is, everyone else tries to speak as much as possible so everyone thinks that they are the native. It is way good practice, it's really not that hard to get your point across is Spanish, even if it's broken spanish. I have really been working alot on the past tenses, hopefully I will get that down someday. It's mostly just all of the irregular preterite verbs that are hard to get down, I'm trying to memorize most of them.

I love studying so much out of the scriptures and predicad mi evangelio everyday. I learn the coolest stuff everyday out of the scriptures, and I have been getting alot of promptings lately for stuff to use in lessons and what not. I'm praying so hard everyday to be able to have the spirit and to ask Heavenly Father for guidance, because none of us can do this without him. Me and my companions have made a goal to remember to pray immediately after lessons, not only before, because we know that without him we couldn't teach. We wan't to make sure that God knows we appreciate his help and are grateful for his hand in our lives. My favorite scripture in Alma 26 that talks about how we are weak but with God we can do anything is so true. I live by that scripture every day.

Well I am about out of time, I'm sending a letter as usual! We are all so excited to go to Mexico, we have less than 3 weeks! Loco!! This has been such an amazing week, I hope it has been good for all of you as well!

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Eastmond Jr.

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