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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Otra semana tan buena!!

We are just loving life here in sunny Veracruz, haha! This week we received alot of help from Heavenly Father, he worked a couple of miracles after we had done all we could, and the week turned out great.

Maria de los Angeles and Bety got baptized this week. In the pictures, maria is the young lady (16 yrs) and Bety is the other lady (35) They both are just happy as can be to be members of the Church, especially because Satan was working incredibly hard this week to keep them from getting baptized but we they were triunfant in the end. We saw Maria on tuesday and was asking her how she was feeling about her baptism on saturday and everything and she told us that she wasnt going to be able to get baptized. We asked her why and she told us that she had been having some severe problems with her health and that she wasnt going to be able to. (im not going to go into any detail or anything, but they were some hard things she was going through) So we invited her to be interviewed so she could be ready for saturday if she was feeling better and if she could improve. We fasted and prayed and We did her interview the next day and then we went on thursday to ask her how she was doing and she said that she had been praying really hard and that she woke up in the morning and wasnt having the problem that she had been having...She said it was really weird that she was feeling so good. So we gave her a blessing and invited her to keep praying. We went back on Friday and she said that she felt great and that she wasnt having problems anymore. It was a miracle. We cant explain it but I know the Lord wanted her to get baptized. She got baptized on Saturday, shes the first in her family and shes going to put an example for everyone in her house. It was amazing, a miracle and I just love watching what the Lord can do in the lives of our investigators if they have faith and show their faith through their actions.

Bety had a baptism date for this saturday. But we got there on tuesday and she told us that she wasnt going to get baptized because she was scared of what her mom was going to say or how she was going to react. She lives with her mom and her two little girls (her 10 yr old daughter Larisa has a baptism date for this saturday and is really excited) but her mom is catholic. So we taught her about lehis dream and how sometimes other people wont agree with the gospel but we have to exercise our faith and follow the gospel. She still had a lot of doubts so we invited her to be interviewed on thursday to see if she was ready. We told her that if she was ready she should join the church because the Lord would bless her for her sacrifice. So on Thursday, Elder Wirthlin came and interviewed her and she was ready. But she still was really scared but Elder Wirthlin was really guided by the spirit and helped her have the faith and the confidence to make the decision. She got baptized on Saturday with Maria and her mom was completely fine with it when she told her that she wanted to get baptized. Her mom went to her baptism and went to church, and we are going to teach her this week! Bety was crying after her baptism and Im so happy for her because the gospel and the church are going to bless her familiy so much!

This week Elder Alonso from the 1st quorum of the 70 came to talk to us. all I can say is, WOW. He is sooooo powerful the spirit was absolutely incredible, I could hardly believe it. He talked alot about prayer and about teaching by the spirit. Before he came, I had written done a couple of questions that I was expecting him to answer and sure enough, he answered every single one of them, and really specifically too. Its amazing to be able to be taught by a servant of god so intune to the spirit. We are really excited to be able to apply everything that he taught us this week.

Im loving the mission so much. I have really loved getting to know everybody in the zone, we are going to start doing divisions this week with the district leaders because I know the area a little better, so we should have a fun week!! Dont get too sunburned this week in that toasty utah weather!! I love you all a ton!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond


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