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Monday, January 7, 2013

Change to Veracruz

Hola familia!!

Well I have a lot to say so here we go!! Changes are here and.......I am going to Veracruz. (the city veracruz, haha) I´m going to a stake called Reforma. President called me on friday and told me that I would be going there as a Zone Leader...what??? haha I feel really nervous to be a zone leader but Im excited at the same time. I dont feel ready but I heard that the Lord always calls us to do things that we arent ready to do, haha. I already know my companion, he is Elder Mata. He was in my zone in the Tuxtlas and he is awesome, Im really excited to work with him. He is really friendly and likes to work hard, hes a good misionary. When everyone asks me who my companion is going to be and I tell them Elder Mata, they all go "oooooo hes really good" haha so im excited! Its going to be really hard to change and not be companions with Elder Serrano...Hes the best but I know that he and I learned what we needed to learn from eachother. In fact, he is going to be staying in Huilango, but he is going to train a new missionary!! that was the coolest thing in the whole world to here that he was going to be training. I cant tell you all how happy I felt when he gave me the news (I was doing divisions with the zone leaders when he called me) He only has 3 months on the mission and has learned soooo much so fast. I feel like I didnt even really do anything he just picked it all up.

We found a ton of new investigadors this week so the tank is pretty full and he will have lots of success with his greenie. We were going to baptize a sweet lady yesterday named Dulce, but we went to pass by to bring her to church and she wasnt there... then we called her like 10 times and she never answered...dont know what happened but I know that Elder Serrano will take care of everything in the area. But wow I feel so weird that I am going to be in Veracruz as a zone leader...I feel like every time I start to get confortable with a responsability, the Lord gives me more so I can keep growing. I am really excited to get to know all of the misionaries in the zone and put a good example from them, learn from them, and do all that I can to serve them and help them reach their potencial. When I was on splits with one of the zone leaders on friday he told me that as a zone leader the revelacion just starts to fall from the sky so you can help all of the missionaries so I am pretty excited to be able to be in tune with the spirit so close.

We went to say goodbye to my converts yesterday and was sad but they are happy and I am so greatful for the chance I had to be a tool in the Lord´s hands to help these amazing people join the church. I love the mission there isn´t another place in the world where you can feel the hapiness from teaching someone the gospel and watching them accept it. The pictures I sent in the first email are from the family group in yanga...we had a testimony meeting and it was incredible, the spirit was so strong. A couple of the members in the picture are memebers from Huilango, we always go to yanga with a few of them so they can help us with talks and the music and presiding the meeting. The pictures in this email are from a zone class we had, and the zone leaders had gotten us soccer jerseys with the names of the missionaries in the zone. We bought the jerseys for 100 pesos each, which is less than 10 dollars. Sweet huh?

To answer some questions from dad, this period of 12 weeks with Elder Serrano we always had 2 hours of study every morning. We do alot of practicing.
The sisters had their own ward that they were working in.
We havnt heard anything yet about new msionaries coming in, but Im sure that soon we will be getting alot more.

I love you guys, thank you for the emails and for the prayers!! hope everything is going well!!

Mucho Amor,

Elder Eastmond

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