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Monday, January 14, 2013

Loving Life in Veracruz

¿Que dice familia?

So I am already loving life her in Veracruz!! Its soooo much fun being a zone leader and getting to know and work with all of the missionaries. I get along great with my companion, Elder Mata, and I have the biggest ward that I have had in my whole mission. We had 188 people in church this past sunday!! Im not used to that so it was quite a pleasant surprise. All of the members are so friendly and willing to work with us and help us, and our Mission Leader is incredible. He helps us a whole lot, its great.

The weather is really hot and muggy here, haha. Its gonna take me a little bit to get used to it after being in Cordoba for 5 months. And everyone said that its not even hot yet here, haha. Dad asked me how hot it is, and Im not sure but I would say that its in the 80s or low 90s...We sweat alot but I love it! So much better than the cold. The area is really big, and we have a little bit of everything. Some of the neighborhoods are really rich and there are some that make me feel like I´m in the Tuxtlas again with dirt roads and stuff. I really like the area and like I said earlier the ward is awesome.

As you can see from the pictures, we had two baptisms this week! It was so fun to get here and see that we have A TON of people who we are teaching right now, and they are all awesome.We baptized a mom and her daughter, named Aida and Airani. It was fun to get to know them this week and they both have changed a whole lot after being taught the gospel in their lives. Airani (the daughter) says she wants to go on a mission when she gets older, haha. The mom Aida is a great lady. She has a lot of faith and has a couple of friends in the ward so that will help her get used to the change and learn more about the church. Im excited to get to know them even better as we review all of the lesson and teach them more about the church and the gospel. The baptismal service was great, our ward mission leader organizes everything and the chapel is absolutely beautiful! I will take some pictures this week and send them to you guys.

This week we have 4 people with baptism dates, we are really just as excited as can be this week, haha. We are teaching a lady named Bety and her daughter Laurisa. They received answers to their prayers this week and told us that they know its true and want to join the church. We are excited to help them get ready this week. We are teaching another girl named Maria de los ángeles, she is 16 years old and came to the baptism service of Aida and her daughter and loved it, she said she almost cried. She has had to make a ton of changes in her life and is a little nervous to join the church but she made a lot of friends in church on sunday and we are going to help her feel comfortable with the decision this week. We are also teaching a little kid named Ricardo who is 10 years old, his whole family is member and he is going to decide this week if he wants to get baptized or not.

We had 6 people in church this week and we are going to keep looking for new people to teach this week! I have looooved getting to know all of the misionaries and helping them with their problems and challenges, its great!!

Love you guys, hope everthing is going well!

Elder Eastmond

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