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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Feliz año nuevo!

Hola familia! Feliz nuevo año!

It was so good to see you guys on christmas, even though you all made fun of my accent, hahaha! It was really cool to see John after so long, and I cant believe how much devin has grown! crazy!! I hope you all had a great christmas, but from what I could tell it looks like you had a good one!

This was such a great week!! Like i told you guys on scype, we are just finding a bunch of great people in our area who really want to learn and who keep all of their commitments. I told you guys about a lady named Evencia, who had come to church the week before, right? Well she is really really sweet, she ALWAYS reads and prays and had gotten an answer that the church was true really early in the conversion process. We had put a date with her for the 5th of January, but i woke up the other day and just had the thought in my head that we needed to change her date to this week. I was exercising and everything and couldnt get the thought out of my head so I told Elder Serrano if he was cool with changing the date and he said ya. So we thought about it and prayed about it and realized that she had almost all of the lessons, she had been to church and loved it, and she had a strong testimony of the church and the desire to get baptized, so we brought the president of the relief society to her house and invited her to be baptized on sunday after church and she accepted, she was excited, haha. So we did her interview the next day and told her we would pass by for her to go to church on sunday. When we passed by on sunday, nobody was in her house. We knocked for like 5 minutes and nothing...we started to worry a little but thought that maybe she went alone.

So we passed by for our other investigators and when we got to church she was outside waiting for us. We asked if she came alone and she said, "ya I had to go to central to visit somebody so I though I would just come by myself." She loved church, we talked about baptism in gospel principles class and she was making a ton of great comments and everything. She got baptized at 6:00 after we got back from yanga and It was a great baptism service. Elder Serrano said that the water was freezing but she came out crying and said that she didnt feel the cold. He testimony was incredible, she told everyone that she felt weighed down when she entered the font, but that she came up out of the water feeling so much lighter and that she could feel that she had washed all of her burdens and sins away. It was great, she will be in the church every single week. And because she got baptized, her family members who are all less active came to church today and to her baptism, and they told us that they are all going to be coming every week. Her mother in law, her niece, her sister, and her two grandkids should all be coming back to church! We are really excited!

We have changes in a week and I feel like Im going to be leaving. I love this area so much, we will see what happens... I do no that I will miss Elder Serrano sooooo much. He is so great and one of the best friends Ive ever had in my life. This week we have a married couple that we are teaching that is really special and should be able to get baptized, they have some doubts but the lord will help us so we can resolve everything!

It was sooooo good to see you all this christmas! I love you all so much and hope you have a happy new year!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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