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Monday, January 28, 2013

Boda (Wedding)

The time is just flying here!! We are teaching so many great people and the member and converts are really working hard to help us find more! This past monday, we got a call from a sister who had been helping us get a birth certificate for an investigator who has been waiting to get married with his girlfriend so they can get baptized. They have been waiting for like 4 months but their birth certificate finally got here so we had the amazing experience of helping them get married and baptized!! Their family is incredible! Their names are Elias (the dad) Benita (the mom) and their kids are Elias and Santa. Santa is 8 years old and got baptized like 3 months ago, she put the example for her family and was so excited that her dad and mom got married and baptized. The bishop helped us alot, he gave us all a ride to the little town where they got married and him and his wife were two of the witnesses for the wedding. I have gotten to know the family a little bit in the time that I have been here and I already just love them to death! (They have been going to church for like 3 months straight) Their little boy Elias is really cool, he is 5 and just the funniest kid youve ever met, so its fun to play with him and joke around with him when we go to visit them. I am excited to get to know them even better in these coming weeks.

We also have been teaching Bety`s daughter, Larisa (10 years old) these past couple of weeks and she was able to join the church too this week. Bety is the lady that we baptized last week and her family is changing alot with these decions to joing the church that they are all making. We are teaching Bety`s mom, she really likes to drink coffee but she is starting to drink less and so I think she will be able to joing the church this week as well. I cant even tell you guys how fun and neat it is to teach families because when one person sets the example, the others see the change and the hapiness that the person has and they start to want it too. The gospel is great, isnt it??

We saw more miracles sunday moring as we went to church. We were waiting for a good amount but we passed by for one and she came with us but when we got there none of our other investigators had shown up. So we called one who is named Abdiel (13 yrs old) who has a baptism date for this week and is really really cool, he is really smart and learns fast. I called him and he sounded like he had just gotten up and said that he wasnt going to make it but I told him that we were going to be waiting for him in the church. Then we called Jenifer, she is 15 years old and we found her along with her sister Diana, they are daughters of inactive members and we are hoping that the daugters can joing the church and the parents can start coming again. But she had gotten up late too and said that she had a ton of homework but I told her that if she came Heavenly Father would bless her a ton in school and that she would have time to do everything, so she said, "Alright, Ill get ready and ill be there in like 10 minutes". And then after she showed up Abdiel sent us a text and said that he was coming too, and showed up like 5 minutes later, it was great!!

We have so much work here right now and we are really being soooo blessed! The picture of my shirt is when I ripped it on a piece of barbed wire...should have torn my arm up really good but didnt pass through the sleeve of my garment :) And the other picutres are from the baptism and the wedding! Fun week!!

I love you all more than you can know and hope everything is going good!! Careful in all that crazy weather!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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