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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Still alive after transfers

Pictures: Aug 10, 2013

Hola Fam

Well we got out alive from the week of transfers!! It was a fun week and everything turned out really good! We got 13 new missionaries, 8 from mexico and 5 from the US. It was especially fun to meet all of the American Elders, they were just as excited as can be and they all look super prepared after only 6 weeks in the MTC! We got to talk to them coming back from the airport and we had a little training meeting on Tuesday morning to just go over some of the techniques and mission rules that we have here. But I was really impressed with all of the missionaries that we got, they will all progress really fast and I´m excited to see the growth that takes place in them these next couple of months. Mom asked if I met Elder Dial, the son of the nice sister whose has comented on the blog a couple of times. I talked to him a whole lot monday night and I really like him and know he´s gonna be a great missionary. He was really excited to be in Mexico, he has an awesome trainer and went to the hottest part of the mission haha but he´ll love it there. Elder Serrano is training again! I have got to see him alot these last couple of weeks, It´s probably a good thing we don´t get together too often because I think we get a little bit too crazy, haha!

So Tomasa´s baptism was awesome! She loved it and her son and her son´s girlfriend were there to watch. We have passed by alot this week to get her ready for her confirmation and she is really happy. We are also going to be working alot with the Relief Society so that they can visit her a ton and keep her company. She lives with her son but he is always working so sometimes she gets kinda lonely. But the church is going to be a huge blessing in her life so that she can feel the love of Heavenly Father even stronger every day. 

We found some great people to teach this week. I absolutely love being with Elder Egbert, I love how he teaches, the ideas he has, his love for the members and the investigators. It´s going to be a really good transfer, we´re excited! We got a message on Tuesday while we were eating lunch with the trainers and their new companions, the message was from Eli, (she got baptized like a month ago) and she told us to come over to her house because her younger sister Guadalupe wanted to listen to us! We got super excited and went right over after we got done with everything in the offices. She had never wanted to listen to us before, she was always friendly but didn´t really want anything to do with the church. But she said that she has gotten kinda curious as to why her mom and sister seem so much happier and why they have changed so much so she wants to learn more. We taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized it she feels like it is true and she accepted! We are happy for their family, today we have an appointment with Guadalupe AND her dad, we have never taught him before so that will also be a great opportunity to teach. 

It´s been fun so far with the 3 new assistants, I haven´t felt stressed out at all trying to teach them everything that they have to do because they are all excellent missionaries and have picked up everything so fast. We actually had a little planning session a couple nights ago and brainstormed a bunch of neat ideas that we can use to help the mission have a little bit more success. So on monday we are going to present the plan that we made to president and see what he wants to do with it. 

Oh! I just remembered the best part of the whole week!! When we went to the airport on monday night to pick up the americans, we ran into the president and the assistants from the Xalapa mission, that used to be apart of this mission before we divided it. Guess who the 2 assistants are right now? Elder Lee (one of my companions from the MTC) and Elder Carmona (my second companion that I had in Poza Rica)!!!! I was so happy to see them after like a year and a half! They are both doing so good and we were there for like half and hour just talking about everything that has happened to us all on the mission, it was great! They both look really happy and it sounds like they´re just tearing it up. It was a blessing to be able to see them again!

well I´m out of time, but I hope you all have a great week! I hope Devin and Grandma have fun in Cali!! Love you guys!!

Elder Eastmond

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