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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Presidente Cumple 50 Anos

Hola familia!!

So we had a pretty good week! We are still looking for the family that is hidden here in the area, haha but we are hoping to find them soon. Thanks for all of your prayers on our behalf. We were really busy this week and this next week will be the same! Lots of stuff to get done and lots to do in the area.

On Thursday, we went to the chapel in front of the temple and did a little celebration for President Treviño´s birthday. He turned 50 so the Hernana Treviño wanted to do something fun with all of the missionaries. So in the morning we got together all of the zones that are far away, like the Tuxtlas and Orizaba, and in the afternoon all the zones who are here in the city came. We started off by listening to President´s family talk a little about his life, what has happened in these last 50 years. Then we got to talk a little bit and say a couple of things about President, Elder Egbert and I asked all of the misionaries questions about President and then read their answers, it was fun. Then we did a couple of fun little games and ate some cake, and sent all the missionaries back to their areas. It was really fun and we are all really grateful for the Mission President that we have. He is so inspired and we can all feel the Savior´s love through him and his family. 

We didn´t end up baptizing Sindi last sunday, but her baptism is programed for tommorrow. She is really really excited, as is her family. We have tried to work with her parents alot, they are really nice and are going to go to church and to the baptism tommorrow, but they aren´t married and when we asked them if they had plans they told us they don´t want to be married. We will see what time will do but it would be really special if they could follow Sindi´s example and join the church. 

This week we have actually been able to vist Guadalupe a ton! And you guys wouldn´t believe how much she has progressed!!! We had a lesson with her last night and it was really really spiritual. Guadalupe told us some of the stuff that she had felt and she is starting to feel like Heavenly Father is answering her prayers. She has started to realy get into the lessons and has been reading and praying. We committed her to come to church this sunday and she said that she would be going with her family. Please pray for her so that everything turns out good sunday morning so that she can go to church. But we have seen a change in her, she is alot more sensitive to the spirit and looks a lot happier than when we first started to teach her. I love that family so much, it was such a blessing to be able to find them. This morning hermana Amparo (guadalupe and Eli´s mom)  invited us over to eat pancakes haha, so we went over and they had made pancakes with whipped cream and peaches, and chocolate milk. It was really fun and afterwards they gave us a ride over to the sports complex and let us borrow some tennis raquets that Eli had got from her friend. So Elder Egbert and I played tennis for a couple of hours! It was so much fun, let me tell you, we spent about an hour just shaking the rust off, haha. We played pretty bad but we sure enjoyed it. 

We have been visiting lots of active members and teaching them the restoration in like 10 minutes. We ask them to put themselves in the shoes of a friend or neighbor that they have and then we invite them to take us to visit their references. We have some appointments today to go visit references with members so we are hoping to get some good results! We are loving the work like always, often we wish for more time to be able to work in our area, haha but we know that the sacrifice is an amazing opoturnity to be able to serve the missionaries, to help the mission get better, and to take at least a tiny bit of the load off of President. 

I love you guys so much and enjoy so much your emails!! Work hard in your jobs, school, and your callings! (and your mission, for grandma :)

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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