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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy being a missionary

Hola familia!!

We had a great week! I cant wait to tell you about it! First of all, I just have to say that Devin is sooooo tall!!! no way! Dad sent me the picture of him with greg and the gang on the beach and at first glimpse I said "hey, I thought Parker wasnt going to go!" and then I realized that it was Devin, haha. Crazy stuff. 

To answer some questions, Elder Egbert is from Boise, Idaho. He´s a die hard Boise St. Broncos fan and went to BYU for a semester to study construction managment. He doesn´t have any relation to Dad´s friend that lives in orem though, haha I asked and showed him the picture and he said that he doesn´t know him. He likes to play tennis which is awesome, we were actually going to go play today but when we got to the rec center they told us that they didn´t have raquets that we could rent and we didnt have enough to go buy some. It was pretty heartbreaking, haha we could see the courts from where we were out but...not much you can do without a raquet. But we are going to go next P-day! But ya he´s an awesome companion and I´ve already learned so much from him!

We have hardly been able to teach Guadalupe this week. She was excited last week but then she got sick and couldn´t go to church, and she talked to some friends and stuff about the church and they told her a bunch of lies and it kinda got her unexcited about learning more. We haven´t been able to teach her since then because she has been out of town and sick and everything but her mom told us that she would bring her to church on sunday so we are hoping and praying really hard that everything will work out. It bugs me so bad when people say stuff about the church when they really have no idea. We have had a lot of challenges finding new people to teach this week. We feel like we did just about everthing but we havent found anyone. We have gone with members to get references, gone to visit inactive families, knocked doors, and contacted... zero zilch nada, haha. But its all good sometimes there are just weeks like that where for some reason there is nothing and then the next week new investigators just start coming out of nowhere. We would greatly apreciate some prayers so that we can find a new family to teach, thats something that were are really looking for right now, is a complete family that can accept the gospel. 

We might have a baptism tomorrow! There is a really neat member who gave us the reference of Milagros and her sister consuelo, and she has been bringing her grandaughter to church for the last month so we started teaching her and she loves church and wants to get baptized, Her name is Cindi.  We are going to talk to her parents today to get permission. We are actually teaching her dad, but hes really hard to find because he works alot. But her grandma takes her everyweek so she has a lot of support so we are excited for her. 

So this week in the offices was really neat! We had a bunch of ideas to help the mission and the missionaries work a little bit more effectively and efficiently, so we presented our ideas to President Treviño and he really liked them. So he told us to make a manual with all the techniques and tips so we can give them to the missionaries and help them improve. So every night his week Elder Egbert and I were working on the manual and we finally finished it yesterday and presented it to president. He loved it and we are going to start applying a bunch of cool stuff so that the mission can progress. Now we just need to set some goals to be able to verify the progress of the missionaries and to make sure that they are really trying to apply everything in the field. Should be fun to see the results! We´ll keep you filled in on it. 

On thursday we are going to celebrate Presidents 50th birthday!! Haha the other day Hermana Treviño kicked president out of his office and we had a planning meeting to plan his surprise party! Its going to be on thursday and we are inviting all of the missionaries to come, half in the morning and half in the afternoon. We´re just gonna have a short little devotional and then play some games and eat cake. Should be a good time, its been fun to plan everything behind his back haha, even though hes knows somethings going on he doesnt know what. .

I love you guys so much and hope that you have a great week!!! Be good and have fun!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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