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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The story of Abdiel

Hola familia!

We had another great week!! The miracles just keep on coming! haha I feel like i say that every week, but its true! This week we had a young man named Abdiel. Hes so cool, hes 13 years old (he looks and sounds like hes 16, haha) and he has always said that hes a mormon even though he wasnt. His mom and dad are really cool too, his mom was studying for a while with the Jehovah´s witnesses and his dad doesnt pracitce any religion. We found the family like a month ago, they were old investigators that other msionaries had visited so we decided to pass by. We went and the parents didnt was to commit to anything, but Abdiel said that he wanted to join the church. We invited him to be baptized on February 9th but his mom had said that it was way too soon and that he needed to know alot more. But we have been teaching him durning this time and preparing him for the 9th, because he accepted the date and we knew that the Lord was going to provide a way. So This week on tuesday we did divisions and I stayed here with an Elder named Elder Schellenburg. 

We went to his house and talked to his parents to see if they were willing to give him permission to get baptized on saturday. They didnt agree with it at all. The mom was just going on and on and it didnt matter what we said, she told us that he needed waaaay more time to prepare. The father said the same thing, and they didnt even budge on their opinion. But we knew abdiel was ready, he had learned a ton and had the desire and was alot more prepared than lots of young men who I interviewed and passed to get baptized. So we invited them to talk to Abdiel about what HE really wanted to do and how HE felt. We told them about the interview that he would have to pass and that if he wasnt ready, he couldnt get baptized. Then whe bore our testimonies about the church and how it would help Abdiel and we left. That night we prayed really hard so the Lord could soften their hearts and so Abdiel could have the words to express himself to his parents. We went on wednesday and his parents werent home but he told us that they had both asked him if he wanted to get baptized and he told them that he did. On thursday we went with Elder Wirthlin to do his interview and he passed with flying colors. We talked with his parents afterwards and they ended up giving him permission!! IT was incredible!!! I have no idea how they changed their opinion because on tuesday they were very very opposed to it. All I know is that the Lord can do things that arent logically posible and even though we cant understand them or explain them, if we have faith and if its the will of the lord, they happen. 

The baptismal service was incredible, one of our converts bore her testimony and Im pretty sure she will be Relief society president soon, it was amazing. ABdiels parents went to the baptism and loved it and came to church. He got the priesthood and is going to go to the temple on friday, and is thinking about going to EFY! I love the mission!!! I cant wait the see how he puts the example for his family and how the church is going to bless his life!

To answer some questions from Dad and mom, Elder Mata has 17 in the mission. He is from Monterrey and got baptized as a convert when he was 8 years old. He likes to play soccer and skateboard, and hes really funny. I have learned sooooooo much from his so far. He has a lot of faith and he knows there is never a challenge that we have that we cant solve. He really loves the people we teach and can really think outside of the box with the lessons we teach. We have done some fun and creative stuff to teach lessons and its fun becuase it helps the investigators alot. The hardest thing about being a zone leader is the time. We are constantly running around with lots of extra things that we have to get done so we have to plan really eficient. I have loved getting to know all of the misionaries. That is the best part is being able to help them and learn from them. I also feel like Im starting to get to know everybody in the ward as well!

Well Im out of time but good to hear that it has warmed up a little bit there, haha and that you are all doing good! Tell spencer thanks because I just got a package from him, with more peanut butter!! yum.

I love you all and pray for you guys every day!!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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