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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mmmmmm...cow udders

Hola familia!
So we have been here in the area for 6 weeks and its time for changes. Elder Mata got changed to a different zone (I would have liked another change with him but changes are changes). But I am really excited because my new companion is Elder Ortiz, he was one of my zone leaders in Orizaba and we get along really well. He is hilarous and works hard so Im really excited. (And he isnt the one who tries to control the missionaries by chewing them out, haha) So he will get here tomorrow and we are going to have a zone class on wednesday with all the misionaries in the zone so we can get to know the new misionaries and get them all excited for these next 6 weeks.We are going to be getting three new missionaries in the zone and we already have two more who are being trained, so I am really excited. The new missionaries are always really excited and obedient and they work really hard.
This week we were going to baptized Diana, (she is the girl in the picture) but her mom in being weird about her baptism and made her scared to do it. Jenifer (dianas sister) got confirmed this week in church and her mom and dad and sister were all there, so we are happy that they all could come to feel the spirit. Diana was really excited for her baptism, shes 9 years old, but her mom always says stuff to her like "are you sure you want to do this, its a huge step in your life and you better not blow it..." or "this is a huge comitment and I dont know if your ready..." So on sunday morning we called them and her mom said "she doesnt want to get baptized anymore, she changed her mind, I dont know why". Haha her mom needs alot of help so we are going to focus alot more in her this week so she can realize that Diana is 9 years old and doesnt have to know everything in the world to get baptized. We are going to get Diana excited again and everything should be good for this saturday. Once she is baptized the bishop can set a goal with the family to go to the temple. Her mom is really nice just that her testimony isnt very strong because shes been inactive for so long but litle by little we will help her get a good strong tesimony through her actions. If she prays, reads, and goes to church and does famliy home evening she will start to feel the love of the lord and it will help her to have more of a testimony.
The pictures that I sent are of monday night when we went to Dianas house to teach her, haha turns out it was her dads birthday so they invited us to eat with them really quick. We ate "ubre" which in english translates to "cow utters"... I was willing to try it but I wasnt sure that I would like it, but I wasnt too bad, haha. You make tacos with it and put salsa, avocado, and beans on top and its alright. It doesnt replace mom´s fettucini alfredo but thats ok, haha. The other picture is of a squirell that a member caught, and now it is tame and lives in their house. They hardly ever have it in the cage and so its always running around trying to find food and climbing up the table, chairs, curtains, etc. Its named Dumbo, haha. Its alot better than having a dog because it doesnt bark! I can see parker haveing a pet squirell one day...
 This week we found some good new investigators, one of them is almost our next door neighbor, haha. Thats fun becuase we leave the house in the moning and head straight over to her house. Her name is Faviola and she has a son and a litle girl, and she came to church with us this sunday and loved it, so we are exited to continue teaching her this week. The zone has been have a ton of success lately! We have enjoyed it because we have put a lot of time into getting the misionaries really excited and helping them work alot with the members and it has working alot. All of the misionaries are really excited and working hard.
Mucho amor,
Elder Eastmond

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