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Monday, February 11, 2013

Swimming in the Church

Que dice familia?

We had another great week!! The time is just flying by, this week on the 14th I will complete one year in Mexico! Que loco...
This morning I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants and I found a cool part that is so true. I think I was reading in section 50 and there is a verse that talks about how the "lamanites would blosom as a rose" as the second coming of the Savior drew nearer. I thought about it and decided that we are getting pretty close, because we are just finding so many people here in this area that have been prepared to hear the gospel.

This week we were able to help a young women named Jenifer (15) get baptized. Her mom in inactive but she came to relief society this week and they helped her feel really welcome, and we are going to be teaching her little sister Diana so she can get baptized this sunday. It was a great baptismal service, and an adventure at the same time. Jenifer woke up late sunday in the morning and was in a hurry to get to church and so she forgot her clothes for the baptism. So we asked the ward secretary if he could give us a ride to her house really quick after sacrament meeting to grab her stuff. we went to her house and when we got back, we saw that all of the priesthood was in the hallway cleaning up what seemed like a small river that had taken over the church, haha. The ward mission leader has filled up the baptism font but forgot about it so it overflowed, and when we got there everybody was sweeping and mopping to try to get all of the water out of the church. There was a ton of water but with all the priesthood we cleaned up in about 10 minutes, haha it was fun. The baptism was amazing, it was after church and so basically the entire ward was there, packed into the room, and after the baptism the young women sand a song to Jenifer. The spirit was really strong and Jenifer´s mom was crying, so we are hoping that she will make the decision to start coming to church again so she can support her two daughters.

We were really really busy this week, we have been doing a ton of splits with the elders in our zone to help them with their investigators who have baptism dates and are ready but have some challenges and doubts. This week almost every companionship in the zone was able to baptize, it was really fun to go with everybody and help them out and learn from them/get to know them better. I absolutely love this responsabilty because I have even less time to think about myself and more time to help not only my investigators but also the missionaries in the zone. Its really cool too because we have such close contact with every one of the 16 missionaries in the zone, I have like 16 examples that I can learn from so I feel like we are getting betting and improving every day as missionaries.

Its starting to heat up a little bit here. Everybody is talking about the heat in may and it makes me remeber the first of my mission when I was in Poza Rica in May, and we got home every single night with sweat stains on our pants...haha not fun. Dont wory mom, I try to use sun screen every day, haha.

I love you all so much and hope everything is going great! Did I hear that Parker is going to be going on a date soon? (wooo, wooo, (that was supposed to be that whistling sound that I cant make...) And I hope that Devin tears it up in Jazz band, good luck!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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