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Monday, February 11, 2013

Pictures Feb 11, 2013

 On monday, last week, we organized a fun zone activity but only one companionship came. We were kinda bummed and were going to head home but President Treviño showed up with the assistants and took us out for pizza. We ate a ton as you can see from the giant box of pizza in the pictures. We had told president about the activity, because we always have to ask for his permission and I had told him what time it was and everything, and so he decided to stop by and say hi to everyone. (which ended up just being me and Elder Mata and two more missionaries, haha)

The young lady getting baptized is named Jenifer and the little girl is Diana, who will be getting baptized this Sunday. Their mom hasn't been coming but we are hoping her girls can help her come back to church.

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