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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tough week but working hard

Well, this was a tough week. We went on divisions with the zone leaders one of the days, that was awesome. I learned a ton of great stuff from Elder Milnicawicz (From Argentina). We worked in his area and had a good day. I love going on divisions with the leaders because I always learn a ton from them, and it is fun to apply everything and watch how well it works, and then think, "Why was I not doing this before?"

We had a lot of people in church again, not like the past week but a good amount of people, almost 40. We spoke in church, I spoke on the importance of Family home Evening, and shared how mom and dad always told me that monday was family night, and that I was never allowed to leave with my friends on monday. I talked about how I realized the importance of family night and how much I appreciate that my parents ALWAYS set aside time for this special night every week.

We visited Teodoro a lot this week, ended up putting a date with him for the 14th. He was super excited to get baptized, he was reading, keeping all his comittments. He was willing to get married to his wife, (tons of people here just pair up and never get married, so if somebody wants to get baptized we have to help them get married) and then they didn´t come to church on sunday. The members who were supposed to pass by for him told us that they went but his daughter had all these weird rashes so they had to take her to the doctor. We passed by after church to make sure everything was ok, their daugther was a little sick but doing ok. But Teodoro wasn´t there and when we asked his wife where he was, she told us that he got asigned to leave for his work (military) and won´t be back for 2 months...He had already left by the time we had got to his house. I know it´s harder for their family, its a tough job to have to leave your wife and kids for months at a time, but wow that was tough. He´s the first person who has really progressed a lot since I´ve been here. I wanted so bad to help him get baptized because that means he could get sealed to his wife and baby girl in a year, and they have another baby on the way. I love the family a ton, they are great, I hope that he will be able to get baptized when he comes back...

We had a couple of other good investigators who we sent members to pass by for them so they could come to chuch but they didn´t end up coming... It´s been tough. We feel like we are improving so much in our teaching and techiniques and everything but come sunday nobody wants to come.

It´s been raining all week long, it´s funny because it comes out of no where and 5 minutes later it stops, and then 5 mintues later it´s raining again.

Well, that´s pretty much the week, haha I want to write more but not much more has happened, haha. Pray for us that we can find at least one person to bring to church this sunday!

I love you all tons! This work and the chuch is so true, we are so blessed to be members of the church with great leaders, the Book of Mormon, and families that are sealed together forever!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

(Ps this morning there was a dead lizard in the shower, that doesn´t happen every day...)

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