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Monday, July 2, 2012

Don't drink the pineapple water!

Well, if you thought last week was good, it gets better. Wow we were super blessed this week I can´t even believe it. We will start with church asistence. I realized that I always start with this, don´t know why, but why break the tradition? We went to visit a lot of inactives this week with the members, and we had almost 50 people in the church on sunday! (it was like 45 or 46, something like that) We were just happy as we could be, it was so great to see lots of families and what not. A couple of people who haven´t come for a long long time came too, it was great. We will have to continue to help them come every week, because lots of times somebody comes for the first time in a while y then they don´t come again, so we will be working on that this week.

We found some really good people who I really think will start progressing good. Thank you for your prayers to help us find people. We have been teaching a guy name Teodoro, he has a wife and an adorable little girl (year and a couple of months) and his wife is an inactive member. We have been teaching him for two weeks, when we first got there (it was a reference from a hermana) he was really closed and seemed like he wanted absolutely nothing to do with us. But now we are really good friends and he has changed so much, he has opened up alot to new ideas and all of the teachings of the gospel. A family in the branch is helping us alot, because we have had a few family home evening with them and everything. But heres the thing. Teodoro works in the military and was going to leave today to start working again for a couple of months. So it was tough because he is progressing a ton (he went to chuch last week, not in our ward because he was visting family members) but he still isn´t ready to be baptized. He told us that there was a posiblilty that he would be able to stay for a little bit longer but he was going to find out on sunday. So we did a fast on sunday that he could stay for a nothing couple weeks, because in this time he could get baptized. Yesterday in the afternoon we found out that he will be here for another month! We still don´t have details, and we don´t think he will be in his home like every day, but we should be able to teach him still. Pray really hard for this one, the family is really really special and this could help the wife and husband get sealed with their girl later on.

We had a weird weird weird experience on Wednesday... Tuesday we found a family with lots of people. One of the ladies there was pregnant, and told us that she was due anyday. They didn´t seem super interested but comitted to pray about Joseph Smith. But we talked to the wife of the guy who owns the house and she told us to be careful if we came back because her husband (he wasn´t there when we taught them) was really catholic and kinda hates the missionaries. So the next day we were contacting people in the street when a 9 year old girl comes up to us and tells us "my sister really wants to talk to you guys again, come to my house!" It was the sister of the girl who was pregnant, we thought it was weird but we went because maybe she got an answer to her prayer or something. We got there and found out that the lady had had her baby 3 hours the house... but eveything went well. The guy who owns the house came out and started talking to us, he was super friendy and it was weird becuase they had told us to watch out for him... So we sat down and they gave us immediately some pineapple water, we took a couple of sips tasted super weird. I thought wow it´s like its fermented or something. We both got the feeling that we shouldn´t drink it and looked at eachother with that look, and put the glasses under our chairs. So we taught this guy who was supposedly super catholic and rude and he accepted EVERYTHING, baptism, and a date for his baptism. At the end of the lesson, we asked them if there was something that we could do to help them because their daughter had just had a baby. Immediately, one of his other daughters came out and said, "actually, there is something you can do. We are kinda low on money after my sister had her baby, could you guys help us out with that??" Yup...set the whole stinkin thing up to get money from the missionaries. We explained that we actually don´t have money, we actual pay alot to be here in Mexico. We left and were talking about everthing and then remembered about the pinapple water. Elder Herron asked me, was there something weird about that water, or is it just me. I said, ya it was weird, almost like there was alcohol in it or something....Then we realized that it was true. They had in fact, put alcohol in our drinks. We talked about it how it kinda tingled and smelled kinda weird. And they had given us pineapple water the day before but it was way different. They had set everything up to try to get money. All we could do was laugh a little bit and pray that god could help them with their situation, but I doubt he´s too happy with them giving his missionaries alcohol. Good thing the spirit could help us know something was up after a little sip.

This pictures are of me in a place in the Tuxtlas. It is rumored to be where the hill cumora is, where the jaredites battled and the lamanites and nefites too, it was super cool. Everything was so green and it was a special moment when we got to top (we went with the zone) and read a few verses out of our Books of Mormon. (I totally wrote that right, thanks to best two years)

I hope everything is going well!! I love you all soooooooooooo much!! Pray for us that we can help lots of people progress this week!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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