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Monday, July 16, 2012


Well, this week we returned to normal, as in, a lot of weird things happened to us. Usually when weirds things happen, it´s a normal day. When we have a normal day...we feel weird. So I will start with the first of the week. Starting on Monday, my companion and I decided to pray to have ONE person in the church this sunday, one person, nothing more. We prayed for this every day, en every pray this past week.

Tuesday night rolls around, and Elder Herron is sicker than a dog. We had to return home to the house two hours earlier and he was throwing up and everthing, it was bad. So I wake up on wednesday, and my body had all these pains and aches, like what you feel when you are coming down with a fever... but I didnt have a temperature so we left to work for the day. We worked close to all the day on wednesday, and had an AMAZING DAY. We found 9 new people to teach (12 is the goal for every week) and we very very very blessed, because we were both sick but had enough energy to do everything. We found so many news because we found a family of 7, with these four brothers (they are all grown up, in their mid 20s) who are really really cool. We invited them to church and everything but they said they were going to be working in the morning. So I will come back to them in a little bit. That night (Wednesday at like 6:00) We were teaching a lesson and I noticed that my face was basically on fire. You could have cooked a tortilla on my forehead, not kidding. So after the lesson, we went to the house to check my temperature... 103 degrees. Not good. We called Hna Treviño and she sent us to the doctor to get something to drop my fever. We stayed in the house the rest of the night but my fever didn´t want to go down. So we called one of two hermanos in the branch who has the melkesidec priesthood and he and my compañion gave me a blessing. The next day Hna. Treviño told us to go to San Andres to get a blood test to see what we both had. Turns out we had Typhoid... Elder Herron had 5 types, but never had symptons other than vomiting, I had one type. We didn´t have very much typhoid in us, but enough to make us sick. The next day I had a fever again of 102 all day long and we couldnt leave to work all day, it was a hard day, I hate sitting in the house and taking breaks because Im sick, mom, you know that better than anyone ,) Elder Herron recovered quick from his symptoms, and I feel better know, we are taking antibiotics, we are both a little tired but be were blessed to have recovered so quick.

So anyways, back to the family with the four brothers, we passed by on saturday to invite them to the church again, we had a little more time this time. When we invited them they accepted super easy and were really excited to come on sunday. We could tell that Heavenly Father had worked on them a little bit since the time we had last visited them. We also found some inactives in a big town like 10 minutes in taxi from where we live that wanted to come to church for the first time in years. (one of them has a wife who isnt a member and we are teaching her, she is really good) but point is we had to do divisions sunday morning to be able to pass by for our investigators and the inactives because they live in towns that are in opposite sides of our area, and are really really far so we didn{t have time to go together. So we took a couple of youth from the ward. I went to pick up the four brothers, when we showed up they were all ready to go! We had four people in church this week (investigators)!!! I was soooooooo happy, God answered our prayers and more by helping us not only find one person, but 4! It felt so good to finally have people in the church. The funny thing was that they were going to leave after sacrament meeting but they liked it so much that they came to sunday school and they were participating in the lesson and everything, it was amazing. We are excited to continue with them, I think two are actually leaving for two months to work but the others are going to be there and their mom is really good too, I hope we can help all of the there in their family.

This week was such a great experience. We prayed so hard to be able to find people and bring somebody to church, and then had all these complications with our health and everything and were worried because we couldn{t do a whole lot during the week. But Heavenly Father helped us out where we were too weak to do anything ourselves, and too sick to have anytime to work. Again, the power of prayer is a beautiful thing. And in total, we had 49 people in church. Presidente Treviño is excited and told us now to shoot for a week with 60. I can´t believe how blessed we were this week, I{m so grateful for the Lord´s hands in everything we do as missionaries. Thank you all for you prayers, they help us so much, and I hope you guys have a good week! Tell dad to not be too bossy on the treck, and tell parker to wear sunscreen....haha ya right. :)

Mucho amor de los Tuxtlas!

Elder Eastmond

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