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Monday, July 23, 2012

Another crazy and interesting week

First of all, we had cambios (changes) this week, and we were sure that Elder Herron was going to stay because he only has three changes here in the Tuxtlas but it turns out that he is going to Veracruz centro, and I am going to stay here and get another Mexican companion. I will be his second companion...I´m a little nervous because I have a lot of responsibility with someone really young but I´m ready for the challenge, we are going to do good things here. I´m excited again to have a mexican compañion, it helps the spanish and the accent soooo much. There was only 5 companiionships in all of the mission who diden´t have a change of some sort this week. Tommorrow we are going to Veracruz at 5 in the morning to have a mission conference. We are all super excited and from there we will all return to our areas with our new companions. I learned tons of great stuff from Elder Herron, I will miss him lots. He reminds me a lot of John in some ways. He truly loves and cares about all the members and all the people we teach, and he helped me realize the importance of visiting inactives as well as doing all the other missionary stuff. It was a great experience with him because it wasn´t easy at all as far as the work goes in our time together, but we always tried to look for the little things that we could improve and if something wasn´t working, we learned how to do something different. I feel like I have learned sooooo much stuff with him that will bless me the rest of my mission, I´m so grateful to the Lord for all the companions I have had, I have been truly blessed with each one of them.
I have recovered completely from the Typhoid this week, I haven´t had any problems at all, Elder Herron on the other hand has been more or less, on of the days we had to stay in the house all day because he had a headache so bad he couldn´t even move his head. And as soon as he gets over a symptom it seems like something else goes wrong, we have been calling Hermana Treviño all week long. I´m convinced that she moved Elder Herron to Veracruz so he could be closer to the offices because he gets sick alot, haha. But as of late he has felt better.

We didn´t have anyone in church. 3 of the 4 brothers left for 2 months to work, so we are still teaching the mom (Thomasa) one of the brothers (Celedonio) and one of the wives of one of the brothers (Mónica). It has been a little tricky because Thomasa and her son can´t read, so they can´t read the book of mormon. Monica can read, and we want to try to have her read to her family members. But they all prayed about Jose Smith and said that they all received answers, each one in a different way, it was really cool. (I of course wasn´t there to hear the stories because I was on divisiones working in another area, haha) so they know its all true, but they don´t want to accept a date for baptism for different reasons. I know we can resolve their doubts but they need to come to church. They told us they weren´t going to come this week because they were going to wait a call from the husband of Mónica, but after some testimony bearing and scriptures the mom told us that she wanted to come, and that she was going to walk down to her sisters house (her sister is a member) and come to church with her, but didn´t end up coming. It is a tough situation because they live super super far from the church and we brought them the first week but after that we want them to show their faith. Becuase if we just pay for them every week they don´t grow at all and when we leave the area they don´t come to church anymore because they don´t have a testimony about sacrifice. Their sister lives close enough that they can walk like 30 mintues to her house and take a taxi with her, so we are going to work on all of that this week.

We also found a lady named Alicia, she is really neat. She accepted baptism really easy and also the invitaciton to come to church but when we passed by on sunday she said that her grandma had surgery and lives in Veracruz and they wanted to go visit her... haha there is ALWAYS something. She lives in the town with lots of members so we are going to bring a bunch this week to visit with us to help her feel comfortable with the members and it will be easier to come to church.

We had the most lessons we have ever had as a companiionship this week, and we lost a full day. We never had a baptism in these 8 weeks together but we really felt like we improved alot each week, each week we were really blessed to be able to improve and get better. I´m excited to get working with my new companion and serve the Lord with all we´ve got!

I´m glad to hear that everyone had such a good time this week, sounds like Dad and Parker had a good time on the trek, I hope dad wasn´t too bossy.

Mucho amor!!!

Elder Eastmond

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