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Monday, April 30, 2012

New companion from Mexico

Que dice Familia?

Saben que? Voy a recibir un compañero Mexicano!

I´m so excited! We got called at 11:00 at night with all the information for the changes. Elder Thomson is going to be a District Leader in Xalapa, and I´m going to stay here with Elder Carmona. The crazy thing is that he only has 5 months in the mission. We have the same amount of time in total, but he has more time in the field because he didn´t have to have two months in the MTC learning spanish. So we are going to be "co-mayores" which means we are both senior companion, there isn´t a junior or senior. So even though we are young, I´m really excited to improve my spanish, and I know that if we work super hard we are going to receive lots of blessings from the Lord, because we won´t have any idea what we´re doing but the Lord will help us out. This week I went on divisiones with Elder Chavez from my district, I feel super comfortable with the area and I didn´t have any trouble with a mexican Companion, it was really fun.

Elder Carmona is going to arrive here tommorrow in the afternoon, and Elder Thomson and I are going to the bus station at 5 in the morning tommorrow so he can leave for Xalapa. Pray for us...we are going to be super tired, haha.

This week has been really hard. We had nobody in church, and found a couple new investigators who seemed really good and then they kicked us to the curb the next day... Elder Thomson said he has never had so much trouble getting people to chuch before in all of his mission. It feels like we try and try and do all we can to get them there, they commit realy good, and then stuff just happens on Sunday morning. I have felt really discouraged at times, because I feel like all we are doing is "planting seeds." Which is a good thing but I really just want to help people through the whole process because I know it´s possible I just feel like maybe I don´t understand how to do it yet. I know the Lord wants me to learn alot from this though, Its just a matter of being patient, doing everything that is possible and in our power, and being diligent even when we can´t see the blessings right away.

There is a scripture in Alma that talks about missionary work, I can´t remember off the top of my head who it is but he says that "after we had worked diligently among the people, we began to have success." Its easy to be happy and work hard when things are going your way, when life is easy an you don´t have any problems. Not so much when the going gets a little tougher. So I know that as we keep working hard, try to put in even more effort each and every day, we will be start to be able to help people.

I have loved reading all the emails from everyone, I am constantly sending prayers from Mexico and I love you all so much! Sorry there are no pictures, I haven´t talken any new ones this week!

Cant wait to talk to you all on skype in two weeks!

Cuidense! Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond Jr.

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