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Monday, April 23, 2012


Hola Familia!

The first word that I can think of to describe this week would be... HOT!! Its been around 105 and they say in Mayo its even worse. The last couple days we have come home and we have mineral stains on our clothing from all the sweat. Kinda gross huh?? I really do love it though, its so much better than being somewhere cold. Poza Rica (the city i´m in) Is one of the hottest cities in the mission. May, June, and July are the hottest months, and it starts to rain alot in August and September. We are in the last week of the change, I can´t believe it!  Im not going to be a trainee anymore, and Elder Thomson has seven months here so we´re pretty sure that he´s going and I will be staying, we found out our new companions and everything this saturday! Also, I dont know if I even ever told you guys, but they are going to split the mission in july, the Mission Mexico Veracruz, and the Mission Mexico, Xalapa. Veracruz is all the cities in the south and Xalapa is the cities in the North, so wherever we are in July, that´s where we will stay for the rest of our misions. I would be happy to go to either. I love presidente TreviƱo and would love to go south to the port, but it would be way cool to open up a new mision and everything, too. We will see what happens.

This week we have been working really hard with Jorge, we found him like a week ago  (cant remember if I told you about him or not.) He has only been here a couple of weeks for work, he used to be a drug addict but wants to turn his life around, so we have been helping him do it. When we told him the story of the Restoration, his eyes just lit up, and at the end of the lesson he told us that he never had felt so good before as when he was talking with us. We couldnt get him to church on sunday, which was kinda frustrating, we comitted him and then he had to go check on something for a piece of land that he is going to buy... but  he is super cool and has a desire to learn and change his life, so we will work hard to get him to church this week.

This girl (18 yrs old) named Itzel that we have been teaching for about a week has been to church twice and is already in Jacob in the book of mormon... She actually lives out of our area, but is here working all day everyday, and basically only sleeps at her house. She lives so far out of town that the missionaries there would never have time to make it to her house from the time she gets home until 9:00, so we are tryin to get permission to baptize her in our ward and then transfer the records to her ward, but she can just come to church at 9 here before she has to work at ten. She is way cool, she said that she feels like Joseph Smith because she has finally found the truth after lots of searching.

Tania is loving her calling, we went to visit her at her house the other day and she has all her pamphlets we gave her and her baptism pictures hanging up on the wall, and Kasteny´s family is happy and doing good too.

We visited another guy this week that we just barely found, when we came back the second time, he told us that he felt really good talking to us last time, and felt good for the rest of day. He is really really really smart and has some different beliefs, so we are just gonna take it slow with him and get him reading in the Book of Mormon.

The pictures are good this week. One of them is from the top of our area, we went looking for a contact over this random hill and discovered this random colonia and road that went clear up to the top of our area that we never had know existed. (The picture shows the whole city of Poza Rica, but our Area is a big part of it) The picture of the group of houses is cool, it shows how much they love all the bright colors here, all the houses are like that. I thought Parker and Devin would like that one. And the last ones are pictures of the blister I got yesterday. I took my sock off last night and kinda freaked out when I saw this... Thought my foot had felt weird all day... You should have been there when we drained the pus... The last picture is in Wal Mart, we went with our district today for P-day, it´s like 30  minutes away from our area.

We are going to work really hard this week, our last week together as companions. It has been kinda hard lately... Satan has been working really really hard to keep people from coming to church and just working hard in general on alot of people here in Poza Rica. We feel like we are teaching as good, efectively, and by the spirit more than any other time as a companisionship, but its been a struggle to find people who are open and ready and a struggle to help people have the courage to make sacrifices in their lives and make changes in their lives. It´s coming down to crunch time, family. I dont know how much time this world has left, but we all feel like its getting close. Time to buckle up and do everything as members of the church to sacrifice our time and efforts to help others every day, and to constantly improve ourselves so we can be instruments in the Lord´s hands.

I love you all sooooooooooooo much! Thank you for the prayers, good to hear the temple walk was fun and that you guys are all doing good!

Mucho amor, que esten bien!

Elder Eastmond Jr.

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