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Monday, April 9, 2012

When it rains, it pours

Hola Familia!

This week was really good! We confirmed Tania in church (I got to do it, my first one) and it went really well. She is as happy as can be and already wants a calling in the ward, so she is going to talk to bishop next week about that. Not wasteing any time at all! Church was kind of rough, we were going to have like 6 or 7 people in church, we wake up, and its absolutely pouring outside... And when I say pouring, it means harder than anything Ive ever seen in Utah. The streets were just rivers, literally. So we didnt end up having anybody in church, it was kind of frustrating but what do ya do?

We found a couple of new people this week, got a really good reference, and started teaching an old investigator again (I had never taught him) who was super good but worked two jobs and had school and could just never make it to church. But he got a different job, so he has sundays available. We were teaching him the other day and he told us that he knows that church and the Book of Mormon are true, so we just have to help him strengthen that testimony and realize the importance of baptism. His name is Jesus. The reference that we got is named Osiel, he is 22. We have taught him twice, and the second time we came, he had read the chapter we left with him and said a prayer, and he says he also feels like its true already. He wants to get baptized but just wants to learn more and get an answer specifically about that, so we will help him understand more, and if he prayers sincerally to know he will get baptized because he will receive an answer from God.

This week we are going to baptize Kasteny (the nine year old). She just keeps opening up more and more each time we come, it has been cool to see the change in her. Their family has seemed alot more happy since we have been coming (her grandma was inactive but has been coming). Her grandma used to never smile and was just kinda stiff but she is always laughing and smiling whenever we come over now, its great. We always have to leave Kasteny with interesting comitments because she cant read, so on saturday we told her to do a drawing of her baptism. We are going to teach her later today. She learns fast though, we have taught her alot and she has remembered everything, we just have to keep it really simple.

The saturday after that (the twenty first) we are going to baptize Rogelio, he is getting married to his girlfriend the day before. He is solid, he has a strong testimony and has had a lot of good experiences with prayer. This week we are going to teach him the lesson about priorities, that dad would always do in family home evening. The one where you take a bottle, dirt and rocks, and if you put the rocks in first (which represent scriptures, prayers, service, church) then the dirt fits too (work, play, sports). So thank you dad for the idea for the object lesson, its going to be really cool! I will let you know how it goes.

Then, on the 28, we have Osiel, Jesus, and Gerardo. We have taught them all about 2 times so we just have to help them keep progressing and get a testimony of the small and simple things. The book of mormon, prayer, and church. We call it the tri bomb!

Today we are in a trio with Elder Ioane, one of our Zone leaders. His companion, Elder Harmon (I went on splits with him two weeks ago) got called up to be assistent to the president, so we are working with Elder Ioane until his companion gets here on Tuesday.

The end of the week was kinda hard because the kids are out of school for two weeks, and it was the semana santa, so everyone had work off. Poza Rica (the city im in) is kind of a dirty, work centered area, and theres not alot to do here as far as recreation goes. So friday, saturday, and sunday, EVERYONE went to the beach, it was ridiculous, there was absolutely nobody in town! So this week should be better because work is back in session!

Well, Elder Thomson and I are excited about the next three weeks. We are going to keep working hard and hopefully help all these people take the next step of baptism in their lives!!

I love you all more than you know!! Have an amazing week!

Elder Eastmond

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