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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hola Familia!

This week was really weird but really good! It sounds like you all had a good week. Easter, rain, and finishing the basement, sounds like you guys are keeping busy and happy! Its good to hear! Thank you for the pictures dad, they were great! I loved the fro egg, I was laughing pretty hard about that and the picture of parker pushing Devin. Im so proud...sniff, sniff.

This week we were with one of our zone leaders for a day, and I went on splits with Elder DeFrees again, he came here again. Splits are always fun because you can learn lots from how the other misionaries do things and how they work.

Tania asked bishop for a calling already and he called her to be a primary teacher. She is perfect for all of the kids  and absolutely loves working with them. Its so great to see she already is working in the church and loving it!

We baptized Kasteny this week!! The picture is kinda blurry, lo siento, our mission leader isnt the best at taking pictures, haha. Satan did not want the baptism to happen, but we won the battle! First, there was hardly anybody there, we tried to get the word out to everyone but not that many people showed up. I forgot the pants for kasteny, so we had to run back to the house super quick to get them, turns out a friend of our ward mission leader was driving by in taxi and gave us a free ride (tender mercy, there sure are a lot of those on a mission) Then, when Kasteny was getting in the water, which was FREEZING, the railing broke and she almost fell, but I caught her. Then when I finished the prayer and she could feel that I was about to put her in, she got really scared and went as stiff as a board and wouldnt bend her knees. So I thought, either we can do everything over and she can stiill be just as scared, or I just dunk her now... So I just put her under and brought her back up, everything turned out fine. I think she was mostly just scared because the water was so cold. Then I went in to change and when I came back out, the Clima (air conditioning thing) Was RAINING water out of the celing, so we moved all of the chairs and sat in the back, sang the closing song and did the prayer, and had to stay after to fix it and clean everything up. But we baptized and confirmed her, even if it wasnt pretty, haha. After her baptized, her grandma came up to us and gave us a hug out of nowhere...we didnt hug back of course. She is old and doesn´t know, she was just so happy. She told us, ya, ya venimos a la Capilla cada semana. Which means, we are coming to the chapel every sunday. She has been inactive for more than five years, but this process with Kasteny has changed their whole family. They showed up to church 30 minutes early to be ready for the confirmation. It was amazing. I will never forget it.

We also found this girl (she has 18 years) and she lives out of our area. But she works every single day here in our area, so she basically lives here. We only talked to her for 5 minutes in our contact, left her with a book of mormon. The next day, we went to visit her at her work just to set invite her to church on Sunday. She told us she had read 11 chapters from the book of Mormon the first night. WHAT??? It was amazing, she came to church on sunday and loved it, and we have yet to even teach her... so we are meeting with her to teach her on Tuesday. We are going to talk to the zone leaders to see what we should do if she decideds to get baptized, because she lives outside of the area but she is literally her all day every day, she just sleeps there. So we might be able to baptize her in our area, we are going to see what happens. But she is golden, I dont think I have ever read 11 chapters in a day...

We only have two weeks left in the change, and then Elder Thomson is probably goint to leave. He has been here almost 7 months... that is a looooong time! Im really going to miss him, we get along super good, but It will be fun to have a new companion at the same time, I hope I get a mexican.

We were going to baptized Rogelio this week, but he hasnt received some papers that he needs to get married, (Its a long story) so we will most likely do it on the 28. Jalil hasnt been talking to his mom, come to find out he hadnt been reading in his book of mormon, we should have been verifying alot better, but we are trying to help him read everyday so his mom can see the change in him.

Tell Trevor and Tanner congratulations on their mision calls, that is so cool! One more going to mexico and Tanner is going to be speaking dutch, how cool is that!!

I love you guys and hope all is going well!!            

Elder Eastmond

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