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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hola familia! Solamente tengo 15 minutos para escribir, entonces estara corto, lo siento! (I only have 15 minutes to write so it will be short, sorry).

So we went to the consolate in Salt Lake today, it was an interesting experience. The building was completely spanish, the posters on the wall, flags, the people, the tvs, it was funny, we felt like we were in Mexico. They took our picture and fingerprints and then started to have us sign our paper work. (this was after we had waited probably an hour and a half). They got about 6 elders done with the paper work (there were about 25 of us) and then there was this huge delay and no Elders were called up for like 45 minutes (we had two maestras with us who were helping) and they told us that apparently the consolate had run out of the official paper documents that they use to make the visas, or something like this, I dunno, I never got the full story. But the paper they print the Visas on are obviously offical documents from Mexico and apparently there was a problem with them....

So the maestras were telling us that we might have to come back in a couple days or next week... we had literally been there for 3 hours at this point, and it was hot in the building. We were all hot, sweaty and tired, and we couldn't believe what we were hearing. Elder Wheeler and I were like no, we are getting this settled today. So we both said a silent prayer and 15 minutes later they started calling people back up to the front desk again to sign the paper work, and we all got to complete it. Honestly, I have no idea what was going on, I don't know anything about how the visas work, nobody really does, haha. I only know that we were going to have to wait even longer, but because Heavenly Father answers prayers, we were all able to get the paper work done.   : )

We are not sure when were are leaving, we heard the visas can take from 3-7 days to come, so we will see what happens. We are praying for Monday or Tuesday though! But all the paper work and everything is done, now it's just the waiting game! It was an interesting day, to say the least. At the end of tomorrow, we are going to be down to 6 Elders in our district because 3 of them will have gone to their state-side missions.

Espero que todo este bien! Por favor ore por nuestras visas! Les amo mas que pueden saber! (I hope that all is well. Please pray for our visas. I love you more than you can know).

Mucho Amor!!! Elder Eastmond

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