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Monday, February 27, 2012

A typical day, spicy chili, and bug bites

Hola Familia!!
 Things are still crazy/confusing/awesome/mexican here! I dont even know where to start, we had a lot of crazy things happen to us this week...heres a short list to start off with.
1) Elder Thomson almost got eaten by a dog
2) Im starting to have conversations with people, not with Elder Thomsons help
3) I've been sick all week because I love chile and I ate waaaaay too much of it, haha. It's super bad for you stomach, basically it destroys it but its sooo spicy and delicious!
4) The first of the week started at about 90 degrees 60 percent humididty, and the last couple of days it has been 60 degrees and raining, but its starting to warm up again
5) We fixed the light in our bathroom, booyah.
6) I got bit by something and it swelled up huge but now it's back to normal, there's a picture of it in the pics that I sent and it wasnt even that bad then
 Anyways, it is always an adventure here in mexico, thats for sure!
 So for our baptism, we had a date set up with a kid named Alfredo (yes, like my favorite food) and we were going to teach him two more lessons this week, but he wasn't at home all week and so we had to move his date to this saturday. We were woried about him though because his family kept telling us different things every time we came to his house, so we had no idea where he was, so we prayed. He showed up to sacrament meeting the next day and we got to talk to him! Miracle, because we didnt even invite him to church the whole week because we couldnt find him, but he came anyways! So hopefully we can finish teaching him this week and get him baptized this saturday.
We found a new investigator (we have something like 9 or 10 right now) and she is golden. Her name is Montiel and she told us straight off the bat that she is Christian. We have only taught her twice so far and have a baptism date with her. We invited her to church on saturday and she said she was super busy in the morning but would try to make it (which usually means no) but we prayed hard that she would be able to come. Right after we took the sacrament on sunday the door opens and in walks Montiel in a dress and high heels. I did a double take, it was so cool! She was sooooo into church the whole time, if she had been on the edge of her seat anymore she would have fallen off! After church she said that she didnt like how only one person prays, she is used to where everyone prays together memorized, but we will teach her more and help her get over that. She is going to be gone this whole week, we are kind of bummed about that, but hopefully she will continue reading and praying while she is away, we are going to call her every day this week. She is kinda crazy, but in a good way! She knows sooo much about the bible and has all these outlandish stories and dreams that she always tells us about. Sometimes its hard to control the lesson because she loooooves to talk but shes great and Im sure she will get baptized.
 We actually have two wards, its kinda of a trick to go to both and work with the members and everything in both wards but I think it's a blessing. We are the only misionaries in both of the wards, and in sacrament meeting there are usually 50ish people, its alot different than in Utah! But one thing is for sure, the church is true no matter where you go, doesn't matter what language it's in or what country, the spirit is the same, the doctrine is the same, and I'm so glad to be a member of this church!!
 The weather is amazing here, I dont miss the snow one little tiny intsy winsy bit!! It is super humid, hardly ever windy, and really hot. It has been alot cooler this week cuz it's been raining, but usually its around 85 or 90 degrees, and it's winter. Elder Thomson says when May and June come, it gets up to over 100 easy, with the humidity. Bring on the tan. Or the sun burn. We are usually pretty soaked by the end of the day, whether its rain or sweat (usually sweat, it hasnt rained that much).
 A typical day is get up at 6:30 (it always comes waaay too fast, mom and dad were right, I have never been more tired in my life!) then I work out until a little after 7, shower and eat breakfast, and get ready. We have Estudio Personal from 7 to 8, Estudio Compa├▒erismo (companionship study) from 8 to 10 (an extra hour because Im a greenie) and then idioma (language) from 10 to 11. We go out to work until 2 when we have lunch with a member (the food here is absolutely amazing, I havent eaten something that I dont just absolutely love yet, I reaaaally need to cut back on the chile though...) The members are usually pretty shocked because i love the comida picosa (spicy food), they think its funny that I can take the heat and I'm a gringo. We eat for an hour and then we go work again, until 9 when we come back, eat dinner, write in our journals, and do daily planning. Its a long hard day, but I'm loving it! Elder Thomson is a little burned out, he has been here for 18 months so I think it's been good for him to have someone with the "greenie fire" they call it. He tells me every day to work him hard, so that's what we're doing.
 We find people through street contacts, knocking doors, and referencias. We have really been trying to work closer with the members so we can get more referencias, Elder thomson says he never has worked that closely with the members but when I came we set some goals and are trying to change some stuff so we can have more success!
 The spanish is still coming, I am starting to have conversations with people without Elder Thomson translating everything for me, and it feels like everyone is talking a lot slower than when I first got here. There are still times when I feel like I understand nothing and my brain is just fried from trying to process everything all day, but for the most part it has been a miracle, the help that I have received from my Father in Heaven!
 I'm out of time, but I love you all soooooo much and I pray for you every day! I hope you enjoy the pictures! The pink one is our house, there is the picture of my bug bite in there, and a picture of me standing by a wall where you can look out over all our area! Thank you for your prayers and Emails!!
 Con mucho Amor,
Elder Eastmond

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