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Monday, February 20, 2012

First email from Mexico!!


Esta semana ha sido, quizas, la mas loca semana que cualqier otra semana en mi vida!! No sé cuando debo empezar, espero que ustedes estan preparados, porque esta carta va a estar loco y quizas no tendrá sentido!

What a week!! The airplane ride was awesome, the best part was taking off and landing! Let me tell you though, when we got in Mexico City and got walking around the airplane, it happened.... We realized we didnt know spanish! Everyone was talking so fast it was crazy! We went to get food and when we saw that a couple of tacos were 70 bucks, we were kinda freaking out for a little bit, but then realized that we were in Mexico and everything is in pesos, so we felt a little better after that. The first thing I noticed when we got off of the plane in Veracruz was the humidity. It hit us like a brick wall as we walked off the plane. 

 We got to Veracruz at about 9 at night where we were greeted by Presidente Treviño and his wife, and the APs. We went to Presidents house and ate some lanzana stuff....amazing. Him and his wife are incredible, so nice and they have a great sense of humor. That night we stayed in the mission offices and the next morning we had a meeting with all the new missionaries for a couple of hours, just like an orientation type deal. At this point, an orientation was appropiate, because, we were lost as could be, haha. Then we met our trainers, my companions name is Elder Thomson, he is from Jordan Utah,went to copper hills high school and has about 6 months left. We get along really well and he is really helpful. His spanish is really good too, and he has a good relationship with alot of the members here. We are assigned to an area called Poza Rica, its about 5 hours away from the actual city of Veracruz where the mission home and offices are, it was a looooong bus ride there, I was feeling a little homesick and didnt know spanish and just ate some mexican candy that didnt taste like candy and some lady got on the bus and was trying to sell us dried banana peels with hot sauce on them, (which were actually really good) but ya I was soooo lost, haha it was awesome. 

So far, if I could describe my week in one word, it would be Magnifico! We stay in a house with Hermano and Hermana Luna, they are sooooooooooooooo.  They are an older couple (members) and have just always rented out a room upstairs to the missionaries. We are actually really blessed because we have hot water, we use their washing machine and hang dry all of our clothes, and we have air conditioning in our room. Of course though, the room has personality just as any mission room should. The light in the bathroom flickers on and off, sometimes we have light and sometimes we don't. The bathroom is so small that if you wanted to, you couldn't get dressed or undressed in it. The walls are bright orange, and we have a refrigerator and one little stove thing that fits one pot. The view from the top of the house in incredible, you can see all of Poza Rica.

 The gift of tongues is soooooo true. The first of the week I understood nothing, everyone was talking so fast and I was so nervouse that there was no way I could even think straight. Last night we ate dinner at a members house with a family of like 7 or 8 and I understood close to all of it!! I was so happy. Everyone says I have really good spanish, escpecially for only being here a week. After we meet someone new and talk to them for a couple minutes and I can actually talk to them pretty good, they ask me how long ive been in mexico and I tell them a week, every  time they say " ¿pero en verdad?, porque me intiende!" Its kinda cool. Sometime I can understand like everything, sometimes nothing, some people are easier to understand more than others, but the spanish is for sure coming along fast. Believe me, Im praying like theres no tommorrow, and my prayers are being answered!

I have like 5 pages more stuff that I want to tell you all, but im out of time! We have a baptism set up for this saturday, i will tell you how it goes! Also we actually recieve packages and mail here, just send them to the mission office! We only pick up mail like every couple of week though because we have to be in Veracruz for some reason. Also, I dont know if i will have time to write too many letters, we are a little more busy on these p days in the mission than in the mtc! But if I every have time i will try!

I love you all sooooo much! Thank you for your prayers and I hope all is well at home!!

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