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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Problemas con visas!

Well, it's hard to say this, but there is no way we are going to be leaving on time. There are 94 missionaries going to Mexico this monday and only 12 of them have their Visas. We aren't supposed to hear what's even going on until next week sometime...Apparently we don't even have our premisos yet, and then we have to go to the consolate, then we sign our visas, and THEN we get our travel plans. So we are like 3 or 4 steps behind and we are scheduled to leave in 4 days.
This has been an up and down week with all this happening. We have been waiting everyday to get some word of something, or get our plans in the mail since last thursday, and it's just not happening. I know that there is probably a good reason for it, and I know that we will get there eventually, but it's killing all of us right now. I'm soooo excited and so ready to go do all this for reals, and it's just hard to wait more. Ten weeks in the MTC is a long time, and we might have to end up waiting two or three more, I dunno. I love the MTC but there's only so much spanish we can learn here without being immersed in it, and if we stay another two weeks we won't even have a legitament teacher, and I'm just ready to start my actual mission. But, I'm sure there is some good that will come out of it, God knows a whole lot more than we know about the big picture than I do, so I'm just trying to be happy and to trust him right now.

On the bright side, we have our two baptism dates set up for this saturday (everyone in our District does) with Manuel and Johana. They both look like they are going to follow through with it so hopefully all goes well. Hermana Ellsworth told us that nobody has ever baptized Johana yet, so hopefully our District can be the first.

This Tuesday for the devotional, it was the 50th anniversary of the MTC, and guess who came to speak?? Elder Holland and Elder Nelson! It was a little differant than what we were all expecting, Elder Holland only spoke for like 10 mnutes and Elder Nelson talked about the History of the MTC, but it was still amazing. The spirit was so strong, just testifying how real it is that these men are called of God.

Mom and dad, the ties are THE BIGGEST hit here, you are the best!! (We sent the whole district the same tie).
Everybody was just freaking out though, just going off about how cool my parents are. I was like "ya... I know!" :) We all wore them on sunday and for the devotional on Tuesday, it was hilarious. Every one in our zone kept coming into the class room and double-taking, asking where we got the cool ties from. Thanks again, so much!! Mom and dad, you are the greatest and coolest parents in the mundo. It's good to have fun little things like that to spice up life at the MTC. Also thanks for the candy and letter, and grandma, thank you for the cards, my companions loved them! Devin, I hope you know that you started all of this, with your present to me for Christmas! Bien hecho. I love you Parker!! (hadn't mentioned your name yet, just wanted to make sure that I don't get the "what about me??" question, haha)

Our district got to be host missionaries this week, it was a great experience. Me and my companions were in charge of traffic control, we got to use radios! (pretty exciting stuff right thur) I was stationed at the top, Elder Lee was in the middle, and Elder Wheeler was at the bottom. (In relation to the parking spots 1-25) We just basically directed all the cars and radioed to eachother to make sure everything was going smoothly, the radios got preeeetty entertaining, it was fun. I love my companions so much, they are my best friends, and I'm lucky to have both of them. We have kept eachother sane this week for sure.

Well I love you and miss you all and pray for you in every prayer!! Please pray for our visas, I will try to let you know asap when we get news of our situation!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond


  1. I really would love to send Elder Eastmond a letter, however I'm wondering if I should send it to the Provo MTC now, or shold I wait until he leaves for Mexico. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!!
    Courtney Boss

  2. Hi Courney!!!
    Sorry, I just barely saw your question, but I guess it's a lot easier to answer now since he's in Mexico. He will love hearing from you. Thanks for everything.