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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Last Letter

I cannot believe it. I´m so excited to see you all on thursday!!!! You might have to dethaw me in the microwave before I can give you all a hug!  I have tried so hard to not think too much about it so I would be focused, (it´s not over till it´s over) but I kinda gave in this week and I know it´s time. I´m so pumped, haha I can´t even tell you guys, I just get a smile on my face thinking about it. 

We had a great last week! Rosa got baptized!!! I can´t express what a blessing it is to be able to baptized her the last week of my mission. She has been excited all week long, she never really had any big challenges or obstacles that came out of nowhere to knock her of course. The service was really neat because the Elders who are in the ward with us had 3 baptisms, so we did all of them together after church, and the majority of the members stayed to watch. But I have to tell you about what happended in Rosa´s baptism, haha. She´s obviously really old (73) so I felt like we might have some problems with the actual baptism. Older people tend to panic a little more when you go to dunk them, haha. So first of all the water was freezing cold, so when she got it I was worried that she was going to have a heart attack right there in the water. When she got in, I said the prayer, and when I said amen she didn´t plug her nose. So I told her to plug it and she did, but then when I baptized her I think she got kinda scared and she took her hand off her nose and took a big breath right as she was going underwater. I pulled her out and she was coughing and everything, she had taken in alot of water, and to make things worse her legs came out from under her and she started to slip. As I tried to catch her, my feet also started to slip out from under me and I almost fell, but luckily I got my footing and caught her, and just kinda helped her relax and start to take deep breaths and everything. Wow. Afterwards she asked us all "did that scare you guys??" haha I laughed and told her that I would think she would be the one to be scared, she just laughed and said "Oh no I´m fine! But you all looked really scared!" haha it was funny. One that I will always remember. 

I have alot of mixed feelings about finishing the mission. like 90% of me is excited, grateful, happy, but the other little bit is a little bit nervous and I know that I will miss alot of things about being a missionary, more than anything the amazing people here in Veracruz. It will be a change but I know that the next chapter is going to start and that there is a time and a place for everything. What a blessing and a sacred oportunity it has been to serve a mission. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live, and that they have a perfect plan for each one of us. I have no doubt that we belong to the true church, and that we have everything we need to be happy in this life and to obtain the exaltation in the next life. I love the scriptures, I know that the Book of Mormon is the most perfect and inspired book, and I am so very greatful for prayer. I know that Heavenly Father hears us and wants to bless us so much, all we need to do is obey his will and share the gospel with those who dont have it. I love this gospel so much and I will never be the same after everything I have seen and experienced in these two years. Thank you for all of your support. You guys have no idea how much your letters and prayers have strengthened me and helped lift me up when I have been down. I cant wait to see you all and thank you all in person for being the best family I could possibly have! Hasta el jueves familia!! Les amo muchísimo!!!

Mucho amor, 

Elder Eastmond

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