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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"I will check really good..."

Hey familia! 

Sniff, sniff... what´s smells like turkey. Haha are you all excited for thanksgiving? We actually already celebrated it here. There is a senior couple serving here in the tuxtlas, The Holman´s and they were kind enough to prepare for the two zones here a huge thanskgiving dinner last thursday. We ate turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, pie, brownies, stuffing, (and they had to throw in some tortillas and refried beans, haha) and wow it was soooo good. I ate alot of mashed potatoes. We had a fun time and it was fun to have a classic dinner with all that stuff. We are greatful that hte holmans did all that for us. 

So we weren`t able to baptized Norma this week. Everything was going well, her parents were excited and she was learning alot, she passed her interview on saturday and her parents signed her cedula and were going to go to church. Then we went on sunday morning to make sure that they were getting ready for church and everything, and when we got there the dad said that he needed to talk to us. Long story short, he was putting alot of excuses about work and said that Norma didn`t feel ready (even though we asked her right there and she told us straight up that she was excited for the baptism. So we asked her dad if there was something wrong or if he had doubts about her getting baptized, but he said no. So they said they would be there at church but they never showed up, we went to the house afterwards and the parents were working in their store downtown and norma was there with her cousin. We asked her if her dad had said anything the night before about her baptism and she said that he said she wasnt ready yet and that she didnt know enough about God to be baptized...Its ok though we took it as a sign that we need to work even closer with the parents so that they can be ready to support Norma and go to church with her when she finally does get baptized.

This week we have a baptism of an hermana named Andrea who has been going to church for like 4 months but hadnt wanted to get baptized yet. This saturday is her birthday and she wants to be baptized on her birthday, haha so we are really excited about that. She is basically a member already just without the baptism part, haha shes really neat. 

Elder Egbert and Elder Lopez came to the Tuxtlas to do divisions with us on friday. We learned a ton from them and elder Lopez gave us some really good ideas to help the zone and we are going to apply them all this weeks and she how everything works out. 

Thanks for your prayers! We found a couple of new investigators who came to church, they are really good and we are going to visit them all this week. One of them is a lady named Gabriela who was listening to the missionaries before and almost got baptized, she couldn´t but we are going to help her join the church, her son is already a less active member and he came yesterday!

So really quick, I will get home December 12th. It sounds so weird saying that... Haha I go from veracruz to houston, from houston to denver, and from denver to salt lake, I´m scheduled to get there at like 5:00 in the afternoon, I will check really good and let you guys know more details next week! I´m going to miss the mission a lot...but at the same time I can´t even say how excited I am to see all of you! I love you so much and hope you have a happy thanksgiving!

Mucho amor, 

Elder Eastmond

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