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Monday, September 9, 2013

Robados (Robbed)

Hey family! 

Hows the week been? Is it starting to get a little bit colder yet in Utah? I swear its gotten even hotter here in Veracruz, but it is starting to rain a lot in the morning and at night. 

We had a really good week, we have been working really good with the members and we are inviting them all to come with us when they give us a reference to introduce us and everything. We are really excited because we found some families to teach! The first one is a family where the mom is super super catholic but she has three kids and she wants us to teach them. The other one is a single mom and her three kids that live exactly behind the church. We hope that they will be able to come to church with us tommorrow. The second family is really receptive and they are catholics but dont really ever go to church. The kids are really smart and love to participate in the lessons and so we bet that they are going to love primary. 

Hna. Amparo and Eli have callings now! Eli is a sunbeams teacher and Amparo is the relief society secretary. We ate with her this week and she says that because she is so new in the church she really has no idea whats going on, haha but she has a great attitude and says that she will get the hang of it, and we are going to help her in what we can. 

We are going to do the changes this thursday with president! Its always really fun to do changes, I`m almost positive I will be here one more change and then who knows what will happen the very last one, but we will just have to see on thursday!

 I heard that dad will be going to new york in a couple of weeks! So jealous, I have always wanted to visit!

So we got robbed for the first time yesterday... I thought I was gonna finish without that happening but nope. Turns out that we were walking in a darker street last night and there wasnt any people. we turned a corner and three drunk guys that were sitting on the curb stood up, two of them ran in front of us, and the other one stood behind. They were pretty drunk and I bet we could have gottne away if we had just ran or something, but who knows if they had knives or something like that. So they basically just started askin for our watches and money, one of them took my watch but then looked at it and didnt want it and gave it back, and i just kept telling him that i didnt have any money, they didnt end up taking anything from me. My companion wasnt so lucky, the drunkest one out of all of them put his keys inbetween his knuckles and put them to Elder Egberts stomach and took his CTR ring (how ironic is that, haha) and like 700 pesos, they basically just wanted quick cash to go buy more beer, im sure. So nothing bad really happened we were lucky and they didnt even end up taking all that much from us. No worries!

Well, im out of time! I hope you have enjoyed your week, I`m so grateful for the wonderful family and friends that I have! 

Mucho amor, 

Elder Eastmond

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