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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Que hubo fam!!

We had a fantastic week!! First off, I want to thank you all for the notes and candy that you sent in my package, everything got here safe and sound! Thank you all so much. The comics were a nice touch, everyone here in the offices loved them all, haha. 

We got to meet the whole ward on sunday and we are just loving the members here. They are all so willing to help us out and they have been a huge support to help us feel comfortable and to give us lots of stuff to do and lots of people to visit. Last week we found a family of 5 and they all came to church with us on sunday!! They are super cool and two of them have to go out of town this weekend but the other three told us that they are going to church again tomorrow. They all felt really welcome in church and we are really hoping they will continue to keep their commitments so that they can join the church in a couple of weeks. We are also teaching a lady right now named...well...Lady! haha spelt Leidi. But she is part of a family where everyone are members and we are working on getting her married right now with her boyfriend. We are just missing a couple of papers that they are getting filled out right now and the wedding should be ready for next friday

We were getting lost alot the first couple of days but now we know the area better so we are getting our way around easier. A couple of days ago an hermana named Lolita came along with us for an hour and showed us where all the members, inactive members, and old investigators in her neighborhood live so that helped us out a ton. On tuesday we have another appointment with Lolita´s husband, he´s going to do a couple visits with us so we´re just as excited as can be! 

We were also able to have a baptismal service for a young man named Roman. (see the pictures below) He was an investigador that the other elders were teaching and he is awesome. I don´t know if I have ever seen someone so ready to be baptized. He is living with his aunt and uncle right now (they are members) because he is studying, so they have really helped him out in this process. The baptismal service was interesting because we ran out of water in the chapel in our area, so we called the elders in a ward thats pretty close to ours and asked them if they could start filling up the font in their chapel. Roman´s uncle baptized him and it was funny because as you can all see in the picture, Roman is HUGE! So his uncle was really scared that he wouldn´t be able to do it, so we had Roman sit down in the font and his uncle kneeled down, and to baptized him Roman basically just had to lay down. It worked out perfect and Roman said a beautiful prayer to end the baptismal service. 

Also, President TreviƱo had a meeting with an area 70 last week, Elder Valenzuela, and we found out that it´s not allowed to have 4 asistants in a mission :( We had no idea but that´s the rule. So we had to take out the traveling asistants. Elder Lopez and Elder Bahr went as zone leaders and we ended up spliting the biggest zone in the mission, "Los Tuxtlas." you guys will have to comment that to Pete and his wife! We now have "los tuxtlas norte", and "los tuxtlas sur" so we are really excited about that and it will be alot easier for the zone leaders to handle everything down there. 

We also had a leadership training meeting yesterday from 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon, it turned out pretty good. Its always such a blessing to be able to participate in the conferences. The mission has been struggling a little to baptize right now because of the change of rules where investigators have to go 5 times to church. Its an adjustment and the key is just always finding new people to teach. But we are all liking the change, its for the better and we have implemented alot of new tecniques and ideas to help us have more success as a mission. Your prayers for the mission will be greatly appreciated. Dad asked about our new area, its about the same distance from the offices as our last area, the house that we have is really nice and like I already said we love the members!! The area is probably one of the smallest that I´ve had, its still good sized but I have always had really huge areas so its kind of a nice change. As for the hurricane that hit, we just got a lot of rain and wind but just at night... it really hasnt affected us that much. 

Well I love you all so much, thanks for all of the emails! Good to hear that everyone is doing good. Thanks for the "before" pictures mom, i showed everyone in the offices the ones in Disney land and they were all freaking out, haha. 

Mucho amor

Elder Eastmond

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