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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dia de Independencia y cambios (Independence Day and changes)

hola familia!

Feliz día de independencia mañana! Haha the 15 of September is like the 4th of July for everybody here in Mexico. We bought some doughnuts with mexican style frosting to celebrate. Elder Tirado, the materials secretary, also has his birthday today so we bought a cake, put some balloons up, and later played a couple rounds of "spoons," haha it was really fun. 

It has been raining really hard this whole week. Alot of the houses and churches have been flooding but fortunately it has rained alot early in the morning and at night so we really haven´t gotten too wet. The only day that we got really soaked was on sunday, we started to pass by for investigators and as soon as it was 9:00 it started pouring cats and dogs, so Elder Mata and I had already passed by for a couple people who weren´t home and got caught out in the rain pretty far from the church. By the time we got there we were 100% soaked and then they had the air condicioner on the whole time in church so we got pretty cold. Quite the adventure. I was surprised to hear that its raining really hard in Utah too! Hardly ever rains that hard over there...Thats neat that we beat Texas so bad, I hope even more that we can destroy the Utes next week!! 

We have had a hard time in our area lately. We are getting lots of references from the members right now but the people who we visit don´t want anything, or we teach them one time and they seem really good, and then we can never find them again so we cant teach them or follow up on everything. It has been like that basically all last change but we are keeping our heads up and we just keep trying to work harder and harder every week. Elder Egberts a really good companion and we get along so good that we arent getting down or anything but it has been kinda frustrating. But I feel like soon we will find a bunch of people who have been being prepared in these last couple of weeks. It makes me really sad when the people that we teach make the decision to stay with all of their old beliefs and deny the oportunity to understand God´s plan for them, but at the same time it makes me grateful for the gospel in my own life and that I know where I´m going and what I´m doing here on the earth. The other day we got a reference and went to contact him. He let us in and we just starting talking to him to get to know him a little and see what his needs were. I felt soooo sad after getting to know him. We talked a little bit about repentance, and we asked him why it would be necesary for him to repent from the bad things that he has done. He responded that he didn´t see the importance so I asked him if he had ever felt guilty or sad after doing something bad. He sat there thinking for a little bit and said "no, i just feel normal when I do bad stuff..." So we talked a little more but he just didn´t want to understand the need to progress and improve in his life. He had no goals or plans in his life and when we tried to help him understand his purpose here and what he could acheive if he gave a little more he just put a bunch of excuses and at the end we couldn´t even get him to pray because he said that he doesn´t like to pray and that Heavenly Father knew what he was grateful for and what he needed. Auugghh it was really frustrating, haha. We wanted to help him so bad but he just wanted to keep living like he had always lived. I´m so grateful for the holy ghost in our lives that helps us feel sad when we do something wrong so that we can recognize it and fix it to always keep improving. 

We had a "noche mexicana" last night in the ward. There were a good amount of investigators there that we contacted so hopefully we can help them come to church tommorrow and start learning about the gospel. It was a fun activity, we did like an open house type thing and gave a little tour of the church and then we had a talent show. Lots of the members danced, sang, and we as missionaries did a funny skit, everyone really had a good time. 

We also did changes on thursday with Presidente, I always enjoy the chance to be in the transfers with him and watch the spirit guide and inspire him. We are going to be getting 19 new missionaries on monday!! 19!! There are going to be a ton of wards with two companionships. The new rule of the 5 weeks thing has affected the mission alot right now, but it should only be like this for a few more weeks and then the investigators who the missionaries have been finding in these past couple of weeks should be getting baptized. It will be alot different because there will be alot of people that we find who we wont be able to see get baptized but it doesnt really matter, as long as they actually join the church! 

Well I´m out of time, but i hope that everyone has a good week! I hope that everything went well with Parker´s eagle project!! Congratulations for completing your Eagle scout bud, thats awesome! I also got the list that dad sent me and wow, I get really nervous looking and all the classes and thinking about college and the real world... Good thing I still have three months left, haha! 

Mucho amor, 

Elder Eastmond 

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