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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The new mission tie

Que tal familia! 

It´s getting pretty hot here! I think I said that the last week too but wow, everytime we get done with lunch at like 3 and leave to start working, the sun just about kills us, haha. But its soooo much better than the cold. 

We have had a great week! We found alot of good people who want to come to church with us tommorrow, so we hope that everything goes well. Last sunday we had two baptisms! As you can see in the picture, we baptized Alondra (the young lady, she is only 17 yrs old, looks alot older huh?, and Angel (the little kid) They have looked really happy and content as we have passed by this week to visit them, and they will get confirmed tommorrow. Alondra is really sweet, she decided to join the church super quick and we are trying to find lots of friends for her in the ward. The baptism service was great, we hardly fit in the room because there were so many members there. 

We had our monthly leadership council with the zone leaders on thursday. It was really good, I was a little bit nervous because every month President gives the 4 asistents a topic and we prepare like a 20 minute lesson give to all the zone leaders, (first time Ive done that) and so I talked about how to get quality references from the members, inactive members, converts, etc. I think it went pretty well, but I was a little nervous talking in front of 18 zone leaders, haha. It was funny though because we went and bought 5 bright red ties before the council, and when we got to the offices we gave one to president (he just started laughing and got super excited) and then we all put ours on, so when we all walked into the room everybody just started laughing and president was like "here we have the new mission tie." and then pointing at us said "these clowns over here picked them out!" haha it was a good laugh.

We also had interviews with President Treviño this week. Its always great to be able to talk to him one on one so that he can help us with our doubts and challenges. I asked him alot about how I can fulfill all of my responsabilities and he gave me alot of great advice and pointers so that I can help him and the other missionaries out. He also answered a bunch of other questions that i have had without me even having to ask him... Really really inspired man. 

We have a ton of great investigators right now. We are teaching a lady named Lilia who has a baptism date on June 9 and has a liver disease. We hope so bad that she accepts the gospel because it will bring her alot of comfort in these difficult moments. We also found a couple name Rosío and Gregorio. They want to have more peace and unity in their home, they aren´t married so we taught them why it´s important to be married and we left them with the comittment to talk about it. We are going today to check up and see if its something that they want to do. We are also teaching Gabriela and her little son, you will read a little bit more about their challenges in the other letter that I sent, but they are great and we are doing everything we can to help them. 

Well, thats about all that happened this week! Please pray for our investigators and have a great week! I love you guys!!

Mucho amor, 

Elder Eastmond

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