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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Eli and Amparo and mission conference

Que hubo familia?? 

We just got out of an amazing baptismal service!!! Eli and her mom Amparo got baptized at 11:00 this morning! We had more members than we thought we would have and it turned out to be very spiritual. Eli and Amparo enjoyed it and the members showed them so much support and love, it was great! The thing that just makes me so happy is that all of this started from Abdiel from Magisterio, and its just been a big chain of people over the past couple of months who have accepted the gospel. I am grateful that Heavenly Father has put me where I have been to be able to teach these amazing people. Its such a privilege and I will never be able to thank Heavenly Father enough for all of the blessings that he has given me on the mission, Im just gonna keep working hard so more people can accept the gospel and can return to live with him. 

The conference that we had on wednesday went great! Elder Ortiz and I talked about gaining confidence from the missionaries, motivating them, and doing efective divisions. It was really fun, we did an example of "what not to do" while you´re on divisions and it turned out pretty funny, but it was good because lots of the things we did wrong in the example, the Elders do in real life. So we hope we got the point across and that they learned something good from it. It was fun to be apart of the conference and see all of the "backstage" stuff that went into it. I respect President and his wife soooo much, there is really an endless amount of work and planning that comes with the calling to be a mission president. 

So this week we did all of the changes in the mission with President. It was really interesting to be there with him and to analize everything and watch how the spirit worked so that he could put everybody where they needed to be. As for us here in the offices, nobody is coming or going, we are all going to stay the same. This week is going to be crazy because we are getting like 15 new misionaries, so we are going to be going to the air port, teaching the newbies all the stuff that they need to know, and getting everything organized for this next transfer. Im excited, the last time we did this it was really fun. Its a huge blessing to be able to participate in stuff like this. 

We didn´t end up going bowling last week because they shut the bowling alley down for some reason... we were pretty disapointed, haha. But we ended up going to this place called the "buffet de tacos" and they give you all you can eat tacos for like 50 pesos. Not too shabby! So we ate tacos until we were sick and then came back to the offices to take a little nap, haha. 

I can´t believe what happened with the water in Lehi! That´s crazy how they didn´t even tell anyone about it! I laughed when the lady that mom called freaked out but mom had never even heard about the emergency or anything. Imagine how it would be if you didnt have water for a couple of days... haha keep me updated on whats happing!!

The pictures are from the baptism and the others are just of us being dumb. We went to teach this lady the other day but turns out it was her daughters birthday, so she gave us sunglasses and a bunch of other goofy stuff that we put on. 

Funny thing that happened this morning. We were going to the church to fill up the font, and a couple of guys in a little cart/buggy type thing that was being pulled by a horse passed by. They had a mega-phone hooked onto the cart and it was playing the song "vanilla ice." Let me tell you, they looked just as happy as could be. Hahaha it happens alot where they are going with their horse and there cart selling something but its a first that I have seen them going along with their rap music. It was a good laugh!

Well, thats what went down in the week. It was a great week and we are going to be crazy busy this next week so I´ll let you guys know about everything on saturday!!

I love you guys and hope you dont run out of water!!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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