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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Iguanas, crocodiles and birds

Buenas Noches!

Well, its obviously really late but we had a blast today! It was P-day so president took us to the Tuxtlas for the day!! How cool is that! Its the first time i´ve been back since I was there in Cerro de las Iguanas. We went to this place called Nanciyaga, its like a resort/tour in the middle of the jungle where they have a bunch of cool stuff to look at. They have iguanas, crocodiles, and birds. They have a bunch of cool statues and a bunch of stuff built out of stone like little ruins and what not. They also have this place where you go and they put this special clay stuff on your face and then you wash it off later with some mineral water stuff thats supposedly really good for your skin...who knows but we just liked it because we all looked funny with mud on our faces. There are a bunch of pictures that I´m sending, and because dad and Parker are with Pete and his wife, they will have to show all of the pictures to them, I know how much they love the tuxtlas, haha. Im sure they went to this place when they were there. So it was a fun day and it was fun to be with everyone in the offices and with president for the day. After we went to Nanciyaga we went to eat some Memelas, they are like giant burritos that they make with hand made tortillas and a whole bunch of meat, yum. All in all, it was a good day and we ended up getting back pretty late so we just got right to work and just barely we have time to write you guys! 

I loved the pictures that parker took of Cali, it looks like they are having a fun time and It looks like Parker bought me a sweet new car for when I get back. Thanks parker, thats very thoughtful of you! Haha tell Pete and JoElla hi for me and that Im just loving life here in Veracruz!! Oh and just to answer dad´s questions, I am serving in a ward called La Laguna in the Reforma stake. We live in a house that we rent in our area, but alot of times we sleep here in the offices. 

We´ve seen Eli and Amparo this week and they are just happy as can be! Amparo already signed up on the food list to give us lunch on monday, should be a good time. They are a fun family and they always get us laughing pretty hard. This week was really busy but really good at the same time. On monday we went to the airport to pick of the new misioneries. They all look really excited and we were with them all day on monday and on tuesday morning. We got like 5 misionaries from Peru, 7 from Mexico, and 3 from the States. Its always fun to see the american missionaries when they get here. The always have the most confused look on their faces because the shock has started to set in that they´re in mexico and that nobody speaks english. President brought them to the mission offices at like 10:00 at night and when they got out of the van and we asked them how they were doing, they were all just like "oh, uhhhh, good. Ya, ya just uhmmmm, just doing great."  It always reminds me of the first day that I got here and I felt exactly the same. Feels like it was just yesterday, the time goes so fast!! We also sent two misionaries to their houses on Wednesday morning. They finished strong and we ate lunch with them and president with them 

But ya the week was busy, we get phone calls 24/7 because there is always a little bit of confusion with the changes and we have to help everyone coordintate everything. We had a great week of work in the mission field. After baptizing Eli and Amparo we didnt have hardly anymore investigators so we spent alot of time looking for new people this week and we had some cool experiences. On Wednesday morning I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us find 4 new investigators. We started working after lunch and we found 4 new investigators, and we found them all by doing things that we didnt have in the plans, but stuff that we just felt inspired to do. Like knocking a random door or one time we just stopped by the house of an hermana to use her bathroom, haha and we found an amazing investigator named Milagros who was in the house of the hermana. She is 16 and has a couple of defects that she has had from birth and so she has been in a wheel chair her entire life. She doesnt have alot of friends and the church is going to help her so much with the young womans program and everything. The next morning I asked Heavenly Father to help us find 2 new investigators and when we went to visit Milagros, her little sister and her mom where there and accepted everything and they are all going to come to church on sunday! So it was a good week and I´m really greatful for the power of prayer and for the spirit that guided us to be able to find such great people this week!

Well its really late and I gonna get ready to go to bed but I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!! Dad, parker, Pete, and JoElla, enjoy yourselves in Cali!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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  1. Elder Eastman,
    You don't know me but soon you may know my son. Elder Parker Dial is headed your way around Aug. 5th if all goes well. He will be one of those American Elders that you made reference to...wondering if he learned the same language in the MTC they are speaking there! I want to thank you for your blog. I know it is for your family but it has been a big help to me to see what exactly my son is going to be doing and the wonderful people he will be serving with. You have inspired our family to keep a blog for Parker as a missionary tool for his friends as well. Thank you again and may you continue to be blesses for your service.
    Pauline Dial