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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tough Week

Hola familia!

It was a tough week this week. We had alot of roadblocks and challenges but we worked hard. We had a zone conference with President, his wife, and the assistents, it was soooooo good. We learned alot about references and how we can be more effective with the members. We learned a ton of great stuff and we are excited to apply everthing these coming weeks.

We did all we could to help Jorgina and Francisco get baptized this week but they decided they didnt want to do it. Francisco didnt want to get married and says that he wants to wait because it is hard for him right now that he has cancer. It was hard because we tried to help him understand that making this covenant with the Lord would help him in his trials, but he wasnt seeing it. We taught them one day and we were going to pass by the day after but when we got there, there were kids runnig around out side, and they saw us and ran into the house and then came back out and told us that Francisco had left... but Elder Espinosa saw Francisco close the door. Kinda sad but maybe in the future he will be more prepared to accept the missionaries again.

To answer some of dad´s questions : Yes I now dream in spanish, in fact I have been dreaming in spanish for a while... haha I hardly ever dream but when I do it´s in Spanish. And yes I´m to the point where I can say anything I want, it´s pretty fun :)
I do alot of interviews because the district is awesome and they are teaching and baptizing alot of people. The average has been about 3 per week. Its true dad, the interviews are really special, it´s really neat to be able to talk to the investigadors about the changes they have seen in their lives and see how excited they are to be baptized. The interviews in Huatusco are an hour and a half away from our area so we have gotten home pretty late some of these days, haha.
For district class we have a book that helps us prepare weekly classes with scriptures and quotes from Preach my Gospel. We also talk about what we are doing well, what we can do to improve as a district, and we talk about the investigators that we are teaching and their challenges that they have. Then we do an hour of practices in different teaching situations.
The new program that President organized is working great! We have received a bunch of references, to the point where the members have set up appointments for us and we go to the houses with them. Close to all of our investigators right now are references from the members.

The most delicious food I have eaten... hmmmm that´s a tough one. Probably the cow stomach... haha no there are these taquitos that they do here, they put meat in a tortilla, roll it up and fry it, and then put salsa and lettuce on it. Tostados are good too, I dunno I absolutely love all of the food here!

This week we have a goal to baptize 3 people. All of them are referencias and they have been coming to church. One of them is the wife of an ex misionary (Maria), the other is the wife of a member less active (Nilley), and the other is the daugther of a member less active (Itzel). They are all really great, we are focusing alot in receiving an answer about the Book of Mormon, they all have told us that it they get answers this week they will get baptized conference weekend. Nillely, we have to help her get married, she told us yesterday that she is going to talk to her husband (technically her boyfriend) so they can decide what to do. We are really excited for these people, they are all really neat and we have had some special lessons with them. We are going to be praying really really hard this week so they can get answers to their prayers.

The pictures are from today, we climbed a mountain here in Orizaba, it was way cool and a little bit cold at the top, it felt really good, haha. Good to here that you´re all enjoying yourselves back home!! I got my birthday package and I absolutely love the ties!!! They are so cool, and the pictures are all colored so perfectely inside the lines, haha well done family! Tell camile thank you for the 20 bucks!!

Have a great week!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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