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Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference in Spanish

Que dice familia!!

Wow what a great conference!! We watched it from the chapel in one of the areas in the district. We didnt have an english room this time but it didnt matter because I could understand it all in spanish this time. We watched the priesthoold session in english because we had to go to a different chapel and they had it all set up there. I have to say its better in English, haha, because you can hear they voices and everything. I loved Elder Nelson´s talk, ask the misioneries, they can help you. Haha that was such a great talk. Also I loved the announcement about the misioneries. I totally agree that lots of the guys get lost in that year after high school and before the mission, and Im so excited for the young women who all want to serve, they will help the work progress so much faster! It´s going to get crazy pretty soon! I also liked both of President Uchdorf´s talks and there was one about 5 things that we can do in the sacrament that I liked too. Also, it was cool because Elder Scott speaks spanish and so beforehand, he recorded himself reading the talk in spanish and they put that in the conference Instead of someone translating, it was really neat.

We only had one investigator come to the conference. He loved it but we were kinda bummed that no one else came. We are teaching almost only references right now and we assigned all the members to pass by for the references and investigators. Half of the members that we had assigned didnt even show up...haha if the members dont come, the investigators arent gonna come either. We were kinda frustrated, we have yet to check with everyone to see what happened. But all of our converts were in the conference and loved it, that was really special. And a lady that we are teaching (Maria) watched it from her house with her husband who is a member, so that is good and we are going to visit her todayand see how she liked it. We had two baptism dates for this week, Maria and Itzel, both are 20 years old and have at least one familiy member who is a member of the church. We werent able to baptize them this week becuase they were really busy with school and everything and we werent able to teach them very much this week. But they both have dates this week and we are going to focus alot in their answer to the Book of Mormon. Pray for them so they can get answers! They´re really good, Itzel is trying to stop drinking coffee and had a headache today when we went to visit her in the morning, but we gave her a blessing and that is going to help her alot.

This week we have changes! Elder Espinosa has been in this area for almost 6 months and so we are almost sure that he is leaving. This change will be interesting because we are getting 25 new missioneries, and there are already a ton in the process being trained right now. Alot of us feel like we are going to be training this change, but we will see what happens. I have been adjusting alot to new things in the mission and some problems in the district. We have basically stopped knocking on doors completely and we are totally focused in working with the members. It has been I little hard because we cant always get the references we need, we have to be really patient and try to be creative in the activites and things we do to find new people to teach. I am really trying to rely onthe Lord alot and ask for his guidance for how we can have even more sucess here in the area and in the district.

the pictures are of my companion and I with some friends after the conference, the one of me in the blanket is in the morning when I was really cold. I have completely adjusted to the Mexican sun and weather and it has been a little colder here in the mornings, nothing compared to Utah but I have been a little cold in the mornings, haha. Im going to die when I get back in December. And the other picture is of the zone...We were trying to take pictures of the zone in baptismal clothing with the timers on our cameras, and we had everything all set up, but every time we set the timers everyone started jumping on eachother and trying to get in the front to make the best pose/face posible. We took about 5 and they all turned out like these. We may be missioneries but we still have little kids inside, haha.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the conference, I feel so greateful for all the messages and I feel alot closer to my Heavenly Father. I know that the key now is to apply everything! And we can start today, we should never wait to apply the consels and words of the apostles and profets. I know that as we put what we learned in to action we will be better people and have more happiness in our lives, and be able to touch the lives of other people!

Les amo mucho, a cada uno de ustedes!!

Elder Eastmond

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