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Monday, September 3, 2012

Que pasó familia?

Wow this is going to be really hard to fit all of the stuff that happened to us this week in this letter, but I will do my best!! Haha first of all mom, those are indeed my shoes. We walk alot as missionaries... My other pair is about the same. Don´t worry about sending me money, I had enough on my card and there are plenty of good places to buy shoes here...well, not in my area but in the city there are, and we went on monday to but new shoes. They are comfortable and seem to be durable, I just hope they last.... :)

So I have some bad news. My emails might not be quite as exciting from now on...because we have changes and I´m leaving the area. I´m going to be a district leader (I´m really nervous) in the zone Orizaba. It is the last zone of the mission before you get to the Mision Xalapa. My are is called Huilango. Elder Escarcega was in the zone and says that its not hot there! He said the weather is perfect and that at night it even gets a little cold. It´s gonna be weird after being in Poza Rica and the Tuxtlas. My new companion is Elder Espinosa. I haven´t met him yet, we are leaving tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning. Elder Espinosa has 5 months in the mission and I hear that he´s really cool. Elder Escarcega told me that I have a ward! I´m really excited for that because we will have a bishop and everything. Altough I have to admit, I¨m going to miss this area sooooooo much. It´s really hard here but I absolutely love it. This change was the best of the whole mision so far. I´m going to miss Elder Escarcega alot, we got along really well, he likes to joke around alot like me but at the same time knows how to work really hard. We had one of the hermanas just absolutely dying of laughter the other day during lunch cracking jokes and teasing the kids and stuff. But I´m really excited to change at the same time, It´s always fun to go to a new area and meet new members, investigators, companions, etc. Elder Escarcega is going to train a new misionary here in Cerro. Shows you how good of a misionary he is, because he only has 5 months and he is going to train in one of the hardest areas in the mission. He is really nervous but he will be amazing.

This saturday, we baptized Selso!!! It was INCREDIBLE!! We had a bautistrito (everyone in our district baptized) So we all went to the church in San Andreas and did our baptisms together. Each one of the Elders got to baptized once, because the Hermanas don´t baptize and they had a family. Elder Escarcega baptized Selso and I got to baptize a 9 year old girl that was part of the family the Hermanas taught. In the baptismal service, we baptized 6 people (and the zone leaders baptized two more in the morning). It was such an incredible experience to watch all of these children of our Heavenly Father make this sacred covenant to change their lives. The spirit was soooooo strong, it is something I am going  to remember for the rest of my life. Selso was so happy afterwards, he gave his testimony and put his hands of above his head like Samuel the Lamanite, and said "we are going to be with the Lord every day!!" (it sounds better in Spanish, haha) I got to confirm him on sunday in church, it was really special. He never had any problems with anything, just one of those people who was super prepared by the Lord but the missionaries hadn{t found him yet. It´s really hard to leave after we are starting to see sucess here, but Elder Escarcega and his new companion are going to baptize two kids named Pedro and Adrian this week, and the week after that, an amazing lady named Juana. So that will be good for the new missionary to start things off  on a good note.

The pictures are of the baptism, the big one where we are all in white in unreal!!! I can´t describe how strong to spirit was during that baptismal service! The others are some pictures with members from the branch.

Parker, I´m really glad you like high school, it´s really fun! Enjoy every minute of it! And Devin, you are one talented kid! Way to make the Jazz band! I have been praying for that one every night, haha.

This week I got a weird rash on my wrist that was a perfect circle and red. And it was growing every day....I talked to a guy in our ward who is a doctor and he gave me some cream. The rash looks better today. I{m sure you all wanted to hear that so much.

I love you all so much, thank you for the emails and prayers!! Have a great week!!!

Con mucho Amor,

Elder Eastmond

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