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Monday, September 17, 2012

"Drinken coffee"

Que dice famila??

Another great week! The mission is so perfect, I just have to say. I feel so focused in the work, more and more every day. Especially with the new calling of District Leader becuase I´m not only thinking about what is happening in our area but in the other areas too, it´s great.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, because Lucrecia was able to get baptized this week!!! Woooo! She is such a great convert, she will be in the church with her grandaughter every week without fail. It was a rough week for her though, haha. We taught her on Tuesday and she had the worst headache. She has drinken coffee ("Drinken coffee??" Really? Ok, this is Tyler's mother-- just want everyone to know that I taught him gooder grammer than that. Honestly.) her entire life so it was really hard for her to leave it. She even had to go to the doctor on Wednesday, only two days after leaving coffee, because she felt a ton of pressure and her body wasn´t responding very well to the change. So we gave her a blessing on Wednesday and also a specific chapter of scripture every day until Saturday so when she felt like she wanted to drink coffee, she could read the chapter and pray for the strength to break her adiction. She did it and was just excited as can be to be baptized on Saturday, it was really really special. I love when our investigators can overcome their challenges with the help of the Lord, they are always so happy and thankful for the power of prayer afterwards.

President Treviño just barely had a meeting with every ward council in the stake and he put in a new plan that is going to help us work more closely with the members and be able to have more sucess in the missionary work here. The ward councils are going to get together every week and get 12 references from the ward and the quorums. They are also going to  make a list of 30 families inactives that we can visit. So basically all of our news are going to come from references and from inactive families, and they are going to be more likely to get baptized and more than anything, reamain active in the  church, because their friends and family will be with them every step of the way. We are really excited to work with the members even more, I love the members here, they are absolutely amazing!

This week we should baptize a lady named Gricelda. She is super special. She showed up to church on her own the first week and has been reading way more from the Book of Mormon than we had asigned her. She is really really smart, really fun to teach. She told a member that she accepted to be baptized and was super excited, and that she can feel through the Book of Mormon and the misioneries that the church is true. We also are teaching a guy named Francisco who has cancer and is going through treatments, he lives with his girlfriend and can´t get baptized until he gets married but they want to get married and join the church and everything, it´s just a hard situacion because he gets kinda sick with the treatments and has a crazy schedule. But we are going to do all that we can this week so they can get married and get baptized either this week or the week after.}

Being District Leader is really fun. I feel alot more intune with the spirit, especially during the Baptismal interviews and in the District Classes. It´s hard sometimes becuase the other missionaries ask for advice and stuff and I feel like I hardley have the experience that some of them do but I just tell them what I have seen work so far on my mission. I did splits with Elder Castro on Friday. He is from the Domincan Repulic and has three months on the mission. it was really cool. I love the experiences that we have associating with other Elders from all around the world, it´s great. (another elder in the district is from Honduras) But we did splits and we hadn´t really known eachother that well before, but after divisions we had a sweet day and he was all excited about all the stuff we had done. We are super good friends now and he is always joking around with me and stuff. I have gotten to know everyone in the district alot better lately and we have alot of unity.

I still haven´t gotten the package yet but I am excited and I will let you know when it comes, thank you!! And mom, I have new shoes don´t worry, I got some blisters trying to break them in but now they´re comfortable and a little bit better than my others, haha.

I love you all sooooooo much!! Thank you for the prayers and emails, I hope you all have a great week!! The BYU UTAH game sounded crazy!! Should have sent someone from mexico to do the field goal, they kick pretty good here.

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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  1. "drunken coffee" That just made me smile! Oh, and the reference to the BYU - UTAH game, in which UTAH won. I loved that :) haha.