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Monday, September 10, 2012

I love my new area!

Alright, I was thinking that it was going to be really hard to change and everything, I was really nervous to be District leader, we were starting to have sucess in Baxcaxbaltepec, and I absolutely love the branch and all the members. But I got to my new area on tuesday, (the area is called Huilango) and my companion is sooooo cool! the Members here are incredible and my district and zone are sweet! The area is huge, and we have a ward of about 90 members, a BISHOP AND COUNSELORS, (imagine that one) we just barely got a new ward mision leader who is fresh off his mission (literally, like one week) who is super excited to help us and do visits with us and everything. We are in a city, which is kinda different from my last area but I like it, there are a ton of people here. Part of our area is another little city that is about 20 minutes away (called Yanga) in a bus and out there they have a family group (it is a step below a branch) and about 15 people go. The members out there are awesome too, they do visits on their own and we have a TON of work to do out there to help the family group become a branch.

The climate is different than what I have had all of my mission. It is alot cooler here and it rains every day without fail. We live literaly on the side of a bunch of train tracks so every night we always here the train pass, haha. The house is really nice, we rent from an Hermana from the ward. The area was even bigger before I got here, my companion told me that we had another ward and a huge section of the city but they took it and gave it to another companionship in the district. There are two other companionships in the district.

We couldn´t have started the week off better, we had a bautistrito (everyone in the district baptized) and we have a date for this saturday too, we just have to help our investigator (Lucrecia) stop drinking coffee. I was really happy because my companion and the elder before me (Elder Fox, he was actually my district leader in the Tuxtlas) worked really hard so I got here and the baptism was basically ready to go and they had baptized for 5 weeks straight before I got here. The baptism was another miracle. Because the girl we baptized (Yacqueline) is only 13 years old and lives with her grandma and her dad. She is really neat and wanted to get baptized really bad, but when we were filling out her papers we told her that she had to get them signed by her guardian. We thought her grandma (who is Lucrecia and can get baptized this week) was her guardian and could sign the papers, but she told us that it was her dad and that he wouldnt want to sign the papers. So we were kinda worried but we prayed really hard, and the first time she asked her dad for permission he told her absolutely no. So we kept praying and told her to go with her grandma the next day to ask him, and he ended up signing them. Its unreal how often the Lord answers our prayers! We have to pray really hard and work as hard as we can, and if we do that he always answers us. So she ended up getting baptized and her grandma came to the baptism and loved it. She wants to get baptized too, but it´s really hard for her to leave the coffee. Pray for her this week so she can have the faith and the strenghth to stop drinking coffee, it will help her a ton!

Being district leader is different, but I like it. It´s cool because Im not only focused on what we´re doing here but in what the other companionships in the district are doing as well. Im alot more busy because we have to get all the numbers every day and pass them to the zone leaders, and every tuesday I prepare district class with a lesson and practices. We also go to the other areas to do interviews. I did three this week and I was really nervous the first time but Its not as scary as I thought it would be. I am loving life her after only one week, my companion has helped me alot, he has had alot of trials in his life and wasn´t going to come on the mission but decided to come and it changed his life. He has 5 months so far and has spent all of his time here in this area, which is kinda hard but he works like he just barely got here, hes really excited, obedient and teaches good. He is an amazing example to me and has a great sense of humor, we are having alot of fun here!

The Lord has really blessed me alot and has helped me so much to adjust to the changes and get used to the area quickly. Good to hear that you´re all doing good, I love reading your emails and look forward to them every week! The pictures are from the baptism, the whole zone, and the others are pictures from when I said goodbye to some of the members in my other area! I love you all so much and you´re always in my prayers!!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Eastmond

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