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Monday, August 27, 2012

Que tal familia??

Another week come and gone! This week was pretty normal. Nothing too exciting happened....ya right, haha. Yet another adventure filled week! We will start with church on sunday, as usual. First of all, Mom and Dad, to answer your question, my companion and I were both Branch Presidents, at the same time. But...not anymore! We finally have a new branch president!! Hermano Calixto. Hes the only person who could have been called to replace the old president, there aren´t even anyother posibilities, but even if we had more priesthood in the branch, he would still be called as president. He always comes with us to help us teach, is always super excited to help and serve other people, and has alot of faith in the Lord. He doesn´t know a whole lot right now but we are going to teach him how to do everything and he is going to be a great president. The only catch is that he can only come every other sunday, because he works as a policeman, and works 24 hours and then rests for 24 hours. (he is always a little bit tired with his schedule, it´s kinda tough, haha) But it´s better than the other President coming like one time every two months, haha. So we are really excited for the change and that we have someone to take a little bit of the load off of our backs, it will be good.

We visited Benito and he is just happy as can be. He doesn´t talk much or smile, but when we went to visit him, he had changed so much! He was talking more and louder, so we could actually hear him, and he was smiling alot too. He has read a ton from the Book of Mormon and has such a strong testimony that the church is true. I think my favorite part of the mission is going to visit our converts for the first time after they have been baptized, it´s so amazing to see the change that the Lord works in their lives. He went to church again and loved it, and is determined to come every week.

We have a baptism this saturday! We are going to baptize a guy named Selso (78 years old) He is soooo cool! He can´t read but he told us the other day that when the other churches come and talk to him he feels uninterested and doesn´t feel anything. But when we come he says he "fills up with joy and hapiness" and feels really peaceful and relaxed. We explained to him that it´s because we have the Holy Ghost with us, something that only exists in the true church. He is really excited to get baptized, in fact this past sunday when we baptized Benito, we showed Selso the baptismal font and he went to look at it but took a step too far and got his foot and his pants wet, haha. We were all laughing and we joked with his that he couldn´t get baptized yet because we still had to teach him more.

We have alot of great people that we are teaching right now, lots of people who are reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and have already received answers, we just have to help them come to church and follow the answers that they have received. The Lord has blessed us so much this change to be able to find the people who really want to know the truth.

To answer some of Dad´s questions, When we wash the clothes on p-day, we do it at our house. We have a washing machine that one of the Hermanas in the branch lets us borrow. She says she likes to wash by hand...haha. We come to a city named San Andreas to buy the food and email, because theres not a whole lot where we live. We email in a place called a Ciber, it has a bunch of computers and we pay when we´re done. We buy the food in a supermarket, a normal store kinda like Wal Mart.

This week I ate cow stomach. I asked the hermana to make it for us last week because I wanted to try it at least (How many times am I gonna have to chance to eat cow stomach in my life??) so she made it for us. It´s called Mondongo...I would compare it to rubber... :)

I love you all so much, I can´t believe Parker is driving and in High School and Devin is already a champ at the saxaphone! I miss you and am so grateful for your prayers for us!! Pray for Selso so he can get baptized this saturday!!! Love you tons!

Mucho Amor,

Elder Eastmond

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